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ここでは、Jira Service Desk 4.5 へのアップグレードに関する重要な注意事項について説明します。このリリースの新機能と改善点に関する詳細は、「Jira Service Desk 4.5.x リリース ノート」を参照してください。


アップグレード ノート

弊社では通常、長期サポート リリースでの新機能の追加は通常は行わない代わりに、前回のエンタープライズ リリース以降の変更をまとめています。前回の長期サポート リリースからのすべての機能と修正については変更履歴をご確認ください。詳細情報

4.5.9: OAuth 2.0 for incoming mail

This feature was backported from Jira Service Desk 4.10.

Google and Microsoft are planning to deprecate basic authentication. This means that if you’re using one of these email providers (as your mail server in Jira) and create requests or issues via email, you will need to reconfigure your mail servers to use the OAuth 2.0 authentication method instead. 

Follow these steps to use OAuth 2.0:

  1. All Jira applications: Integrate Jira with OAuth 2.0. Learn more

  2. Jira Core and Jira Software projects: Reconfigure mail servers to use OAuth 2.0. Learn more

  3. Jira Service Desk projects: Reconfigure email channels to use OAuth 2.0. Learn more

4.5.4: Support for PostgreSQL 10

We've added PostgreSQL 10 to the list of supported platforms. For more info, see Supported platforms.

4.5.4: G1 GC enabled by default for Java 11

If you’re running Jira with Java 11, Garbage First Garbage Collection (G1 GC) will be enabled by default. We’ve already been recommending this method when tuning garbage collection, so now you’ll get it out of the box. G1 GC is more efficient and improves performance, especially in environments with large Java heap.

Java バージョン

Default GC

Recommended GC

Java 11G1 GC
  • G1 GC for large Java heap
  • ParallelGC for small Java heap*
Java 8ParallelGCParallelGC

*Our performance tests have shown that you might benefit from ParallelGC if you have a relatively small Java heap. The difference is not big, but you can consider switching back to ParallelGC if you’re having problems with performance.

How do I change the GC method?

To change the default GC method:

  1. Jira を停止します。

  2. Edit the setenv.sh/.bat file, and search for JVM_GC_ARGS. You’ll find available parameters described inside.

  3. If you’re running Jira as a service on Windows, you’ll also need to modify the gc-params-service.bat file.

4.5.4: Changes in the issue collector

The upcoming update of the Chrome browser introduces new cookie security features, which would essentially break the issue collectors embedded on separate domains. We’ve fixed this problem, but this brought some changes to how issue collectors work:

  • You can no longer match the submitter’s user session to make them the issue reporter. You can still match them by using their email address.

  • You don’t have to enable 3rd party cookies to make the issue collector work. We’ve removed this requirement, also dropping some error messages that reminded about it.

  • The project and issue key will no longer be displayed in the success message after submitting feedback (unless the project is open to Anyone on the web). We did this to improve security by not disclosing information about projects and issues.

For more info on the issue collector, see Using the issue collector.

Increase your pool-max-size before upgrade

If you're upgrading from Jira Service Desk 3.x to 4.x we recommend changing the pool-max-size parameter to 40 in your dbconfig.xml before the upgrade. This prevents re-index ending up with the ResultSet closed error, especially when you use SQL Server or PostgreSQL as your database. For information on implementing the change, see Tuning database connections.

BKS-V1 キーストア形式の既知の脆弱性

Jira を SSL で実行している場合、BouncyCastle ライブラリで提供される BKS-V1 キーストア形式のセキュリティ脆弱性にご注意ください。ご利用の Jira インスタンスではこれを使用しないことを強く推奨します。詳細情報


In Jira Service Desk 4.5, we're making the following changes:

  • Advance notice: Deprecating Internet Explorer 11. Jira Service Desk 4.5 will be the last release to support this version of IE. That means that after it reaches "end of life" in 2021, we'll stop all support related to IE 11, and we'll no longer test Jira on IE 11.

For more information, see End of support announcements.


アプリに関するすべての重要な変更については、「Jira 8.5 への準備」を参照してください。


エンタープライズ リリース間のアップグレードで使用できる専用のアップグレード ガイドをご用意しました。「長期サポート リリースのアップグレード ガイド」をご確認ください。

Last modified on Mar 17, 2021


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