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2016 年 4 月 27 日

Atlassian presents Confluence 5.10.0-m03. This release is a snapshot of our work in progress, primarily focused on providing add-on developers an opportunity to test and fix their add-ons in advance of an official release.

Confluence 5.10.0-m03 is available to download now.

Development releases are not production ready. Development releases are snapshots of the ongoing Confluence development process. While we try to keep these releases stable, they have not undergone the same degree of testing as a full release, and could contain features that are incomplete or may change or be removed before the next full release.

No upgrade path. Because development releases represent work in progress, we cannot provide a supported upgrade path between development releases, or from any development release to a final release. You may not be able to migrate any data you store in a Confluence development release to a future Confluence release.

Atlassian does not provide support for development releases.

Highlights of this release

Audit log for administrators

The brand new audit log allows administrators to look back at changes to global settings, permissions, users, groups and more. This is useful if you need to troubleshoot a problem or keep a record of important events, such as changes to global permissions. 

より詳細にログを調査したい場合や、長期的に記録を保持する必要がある場合、CSV 形式にログをエクスポートすることもできます。


スペース ウォッチャーの追加と削除

Space admins can now add and remove space watchers. Previously space administrators could only manage watchers for individual pages, not a whole space. 


Confluence 5.9 では、既定のテーマを使用するスペースであれば、スペースの管理者がサイドバーやヘッダー、フッターにカスタム コンテンツを追加できるようにしました。今回のリリースでは、スペース管理者が組み込みのページツリーも非表示化できるようにして、さらに制御の自由度を高めました。既定のテーマを使って、100%カスタムの夢のサイドバーを作成してください。 

This is also a good time to start switching away from the documentation theme, which has already been removed from Confluence Cloud and will not be available in Confluence 6.0.

New US English language pack

An official US English language pack is now available. To switch your site to US English, head to General Configuration > Languages.

オーディオ ファイルとビデオ ファイルの改善

The Multimedia macro now uses the HTML5 <video> and <audio> tags that are supported by modern browsers. This means that your browser will decide what player controls – like play/pause and full screen – appear with your media.

ファイルのプレビューで MP4 動画と MP3 音声ファイルも再生できるようになりました(ブラウザがこれらのファイルの再生をサポートしている場合)。 

Changes to keyboard shortcuts 

We've made some changes to how keyboard shortcuts are bound in the editor:

  • Mac ユーザーはエディターで一部のキーボード ショートカットについて、Control と Command を入れ替えて使用することができなくなりました。今後はすべて ⌘ となります。
  • Mac users can now use Control-E to jump to the end of a line in the editor.
  • Safari ユーザーは Command-Control-0 から 9 までを使用して見出しスタイルを変更できるようになりました。

Favorite pages is now Saved for later

We've renamed the Favorite pages feature to Saved for later. This is just a name change; the essential behavior of this feature hasn't changed.

XSS protection for plugins

It is no longer possible to turn off Anti XSS Mode for plugins, so the option has been removed from the Security Configuration screen. Anti XSS mode has been enabled by default since Confluence 3. If you have previously turned off Anti XSS Mode for plugins, it will be turned on automatically when you upgrade to Confluence 5.10.

Changes to database connection pool and HTTP thread settings

We've made some changes to the recommended size of the database connection pool and maximum number of HTTP threads. These changes help keep Confluence stable, especially under high load. 

The default values for new instances are:

 Current value推奨値
Maximum database connections3060
Minimum database connections020
Maximum HTTP threads20048

During the upgrade your maximum HTTP threads will be reduced from 200 to 48. Your current database connection pool settings will not change, but you may want to adjust your database connection pool settings in line with our defaults.

To change the maximum HTTP threads...

Go to <confluence-installation>/conf/server.xml and change maxThreads to your desired value.

<Service name="Tomcat-Standalone">
   <Connector port="8090" connectionTimeout="20000" redirectPort="8443"
                maxThreads="48" minSpareThreads="10"
To change the database connection pool...

Before making this change, you should check that the total size of the connection pool does not exceed the number of connections allowed by your database (for Data Center, this means the database must allow enough connections to cater for the maximum database connections value for all nodes combined).

The method for updating the connection pool settings depends on how your database connection is configured.

  • If you have a direct JDBC connection, go to  <confluence-home>confluence.cfg.xml and edit the following properties:

        <property name="hibernate.c3p0.max_size">60</property>
        <property name="hibernate.c3p0.min_size">20</property>
  • If you have a datasource connection, go to <installation-directory>/conf/server.xml and update the following in your datasource resource.



Head to Preparing for Confluence 5.10  to find out about changes that will impact plugin developers.


In this release, we've added support for PostgreSQL 9.4 and 9.5. 


As previously announced, we plan to remove the documentation theme in Confluence 6.0.  

The documentation theme is still available in Confluence 5.10 but we encourage you to give the default theme a try now, to make your move to Confluence 6.0 easier. 

最終更新日 2016 年 5 月 27 日


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