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Here are some important notes on upgrading to Jira Software 8.1.

For details on the new features and improvements in this release, see the Jira Software 8.1.x release notes


Here's a summary of changes and important notes from Jira 8.1.

Jira might take longer to start after the upgrade for MySQL

For Jira 8.1 we've added new columns to MySQL tables. This might result is Jira starting slower just after the upgrade.

Running Jira on Java 11

Java 11 is not officially supported yet, but you can already use it to run Jira. 


In Jira 8.1, we're making the following changes:

  • Deprecating 32-bit installers. At this point, the 32-bit installers are deprecated, and will be fully removed in the next releases. If you need to stick to 32-bit systems, you can still install Jira by using the zip/tar.gz archives.
  • Advance notice: Removing Jira CDN dark feature. The unsupported Jira CDN dark feature jira.fixed.cdn.enable and system property jira.fixed.cdn.prefix will be removed in an upcoming Jira version. We recommend you turn off this dark feature, and remove the system property from your setenv.sh or setenv.bat file.  We’ll be replacing this unsupported dark feature with official CDN support for Jira Data Center, so stay tuned.

For more info, see End of support announcements.


See Preparing for Jira 8.1 for any important changes regarding apps.


See Upgrading Jira applications for complete upgrade procedures, including all available upgrade methods and pre-upgrade steps that are required for Jira 8.1.

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