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新しいバージョンの試用をご検討中の場合、ソフトウェア メンテナンスを更新済みであることをご確認ください。いますぐ更新


互換性のある Jira アプリケーションをお探しの場合、次のページをご参照ください。


Data Center への移行をご検討の場合、弊社の推奨事項をご参照ください。「Jira のインフラストラクチャの推奨事項

アトラシアン社員による、このリリースの Jira ヒント

Do you know you can easily check which fields take longest to index and take action? Learn more...


Jira 管理者にプライベート フィルターとダッシュボードの編集/削除権限が付与されるようになり、管理者は柔軟に対応できるようになりました。共有または非公開を問わず、既存のすべてのフィルターとダッシュボードを表示して、それらの処理方法を選択できるようになりました。

Perhaps the search criteria aren’t too efficient or a dashboard is filled with some risky gadgets? You can improve them yourself, assign to somebody else, or just delete and watch how they disappear in a puff of admin magic. You’re in control now, so we’ll leave it all up to you. Don’t let erroneous dashboards and filters slow down your instance. Learn more

Issue detail view is now optional

We’re quite dynamic when planning our sprints and often jump between the issues on the list or reshuffle them as we see fit. For some of us, the noisy detail view popping up here and there is a hurdle, and sometimes we just wish it was gone. 

Your wish is granted, now, you can choose to hide the detail view and quickly enable it back whenever you need it. You can do it with just two clicks of a button—on your favorite board, select Board > Hide detail view. Happy planning!


Back in Jira 8.0, we’ve introduced batched email notifications that decreased the number of emails you’re getting from Jira, making it less chatty. Despite that, we got a lot of feedback saying that you’re still getting heaps of separate emails with mentions.

Now, mentions will be included together with other issue updates in the summary email, but they will trigger this email to be sent as soon as possible. When someone mentions you on an issue, they usually need your immediate attention, so we don’t want to keep them waiting. Learn more

埋め込みの Crowd のアップグレード

Embedded Crowd is a library used in Jira for user management, and we’ve just upgraded it to the latest and greatest—version 4.0. Although the pages related to users and groups rely on this library, we’ve made sure that the user interface and the interactions you need remain the same. The new version brings a number of improvements, some of which are:

  • パフォーマンスの改善

  • クラスタリングのサポート

  • ディレクトリ フェイルオーバーの改善

  • 解決済みの多数のバグと提案

詳細と修正された問題のリストを確認するには、アップグレード ノートをご参照ください。

お気に入りフィルター ガジェットの安定性が向上

Any fans of the Favorite Filters gadget? It’s one of the most popular gadgets, as it displays a list of your favorited filters and the number of issues each of them contains. For large filters, counting all of the issues can impact performance, so we wanted to give Jira admins more control.



To help you add issues to the correct sprint when creating or editing an issue, we are enabling an admin option to restrict the sprint selection (available in the Sprint drop-down) only to the sprints belonging to the project users select. This will limit the possibility of linking issues to the wrong sprint. 

With Relevant sprints selected, you only see the sprints that belong to the project you select on the page. To see sprints that aren’t linked to any project you can select Show all to have all sprints display.

古いノードをオフラインに移動する速さを設定する DATA CENTER

In Jira 8.10 we made it possible for stale nodes in your cluster to be automatically moved offline after two days of reporting no heartbeat. Now, you can configure this timeframe and move stale nodes offline as quick as 3 hours by modifying the jira.not.alive.active.nodes.retention.period.in.hours system property. Learn more


最終更新日 2020 年 7 月 15 日


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