Confluence 7.0 ベータ版リリース ノート

Atlassian presents Confluence 7.0.1-rc1. This is a snapshot of our work in progress, primarily focused on providing app developers an opportunity to test their apps and make any required changes in advance of an official release.

Confluence 7.0.1-rc1 は今すぐダウンロードできます

Development releases are not production ready. Development releases are snapshots of the ongoing Confluence development process. While we try to keep these releases stable, they have not undergone the same degree of testing as a full release, and could contain features that are incomplete or may change or be removed before the next full release.

No upgrade path. Because development releases represent work in progress, we cannot provide a supported upgrade path between development releases, or from any development release to a final release. You may not be able to migrate any data you store in a Confluence development release to a future Confluence release.

Atlassian does not provide support for development releases.



Highlights of 7.0.1-rc1

2019 年 9 月 2 日にリリース

This release candidate contains a handful of bug fixes. 7.0 is almost ready to roll. 

We've also release a version of the Ultimate Permission Manager app that's compatible with Confluence 7.0. See the Release Notes for more information and a download link. 

Highlights of 7.0.1-beta2

2019 年 8 月 26 日にリリース済み


Highlights of 7.0.1-beta1

2019 年 8 月 16 日にリリース済み

CDN サポートにより各拠点でのパフォーマンスを向上

地理的に分散した環境はロード時間に多大な影響を与えるため、複数のタイムゾーンにわたるチームではこのオーバーヘッドを可能な限り削減することが重要です。地理的な環境がチームに悪影響を与えないようにしましょう。Content Delivery Network (CDN) を使用することで、分散チームのフラストレーションを軽減できます。

Our new CDN for Data Center feature allows you to serve static assets (such as JavaScript, CSS, and fonts) from servers closer to your users, resulting in faster page load times. For example, if your Confluence Data Center server (known as the origin) is located in Germany, a CDN can improve page load speeds for users located in Rio de Janeiro, as static assets will be served from an edge server in Brazil.


  1. アトラシアンのテンプレート を使用して AWS CloudFront ディストリビュータをスピンアップするか、任意の CDN ベンダーでアカウントを作成します。
  2. サイトへの CDN の到達を許可するよう、ロード バランサとファイアウォールを更新します。
  3. Confluence で CDN URL を提供し、CDN サポートを有効化します。

JavaScript、CSS、およびフォントなどの静的アセットのみがキャッシュされます。ページ、添付ファイル、およびアバターなどの個人データは、引き続き origin サーバーから提供されます。

サイトをパブリック インターネットに公開したくない場合、サードパーティ製の CDN を使用するのではなく独自のキャッシュ サーバーをデプロイできます。

チームでの CDN の活用については「Atlassian Data Center で CDN を使用する」をご参照ください。

Synchrony データを自動的にクリーン アップ

使用率が非常に高い Confluence サイトの場合、共同編集によってデータベースの負荷が向上する場合があります。これは、共同編集を実現する Synchrony が、編集セッションを同期するためにすべてのキーストロークを記録しているためです。チームのコラボレーションには優れた機能ですが、データベースの負荷への影響が発生します。

次の 2 つの新しいスケジュール済みジョブが、このようなデータの制御を支援します。

  • ソフト削除ジョブは定期的に実行され、不要になったすべての Synchrony データをプロアクティブにクリーン アップします。これにより、Synchrony データベースが時間とともに成長しすぎることを防ぎます。
  • ハード削除ジョブは、データをさらに明示的に削除する必要がある場合に使用できます。これには、多数のページを削除済みで、それらに含まれていた個人を特定可能な情報を Synchrony から削除したいような例が考えられます。既定で無効化されていますが、必要な場合は有効化されます。

See How to remove Synchrony data to learn more about how these new jobs work.



Before you upgrade: simplify your planning

新しいアップグレード前のプランニング ツールでは、必要なすべてのガイダンスを 1 か所で確認できます。ツールが Confluence サイトを分析し、いくつかのチェックを行って、インスタンスとアップグレード パスに最適なアップグレード ガイドを作成します。

The tool is available not only for Confluence 7.0, but also earlier versions (6.5 and later). Simply update the Troubleshooting and Support Tools app (which is bundled with Confluence) and the page will appear under  > General Configuration > Plan your upgrade.

It's currently only available for Server instances, but we'll release a Data Center version soon.

After the upgrade: latest upgrade report

We've also introduced a new report feature to make the post-upgrade experience smoother. After a successful upgrade, we now display the status of your apps and application links, and highlight any important changes that may impact your systems or users.

You can also access the report at any time from  > General Configuration > Latest upgrade report.

サイトの Cloud への移行

Cloud Migration Assistant for Confluence に大幅な改善を加えました。これは、Confluence Cloud への移行を検討しているチームに必要不可欠のツールです。 

Migration Assistant アプリが Data Center 認定を受けました。つまり、Data Center サイトを Confluence Cloud に、任意のタイミングで移動できます。アプリはユーザーおよびグループの移行もサポートするようになったため、ユーザーは移行対象を完全に制御できます。

詳細については「Confluence 移行計画ガイド」をご参照ください。 


Platform releases give us a chance to make bigger, breaking changes to Confluence. While these changes may seem fairly insignificant on the face of it, they unlock a huge amount of potential for our team to ship great improvements, that will help your team get work done in Confluence.

  • AUI 8, Atlassian platform, and other third party library upgrades
    We upgraded many of the Atlassian maintained libraries, and several important third-party libraries including jQuery, Guava, and Spring framework. Being on recent versions allows us to leverage recent improvements, and helps us move quickly if vulnerabilities are found in these libraries in future.
  • Removing deprecated code
    Over the years we've deprecated a lot of code and libraries, but although deprecated, they remained available to be used. This meant that some apps (and a few dark corners of Confluence) relied on superseded technology. We've now removed much of the code deprecated prior to Confluence 6.0. By doing this, all apps must to switch to newer, recommended methods. It's a painful process, but will improve the overall health of Confluence and its apps. 

Full details of all these changes can be found at Preparing for Confluence 7.0. If you've developed your own apps, integrations, or other customizations, we recommend you allow some time to thoroughly test them with this beta.

アップグレード ノート

Some apps may fail to start or not work as expected

Confluence 7.0 contains several breaking changes, and some of your apps may not be compatible yet. 

See Start and Stop Confluence to find out how to start Confluence with apps temporarily disabled, and keep an eye on Marketplace for updates as they become available. 

End user impact for deprecated and removed features

Platform releases give us the opportunity to make bigger changes, including removing rarely used or under-performing features. While these changes can be disruptive in the short term, they provide essential opportunities to improve the user experience, performance, and stability of Confluence. 

The following macros and gadgets are no longer available from the macro browser:

  • Activity stream gadget
  • Confluence page gadget
  • Confluence quick nav gadget
  • 検索結果マクロ
  • スペース詳細マクロ
  • IM プレゼンス マクロ
  • ネットワーク マクロ
  • JUnit report macro
  • Confluence ニュースガジェット

Where these macros and gadgets have already been used on a page, they'll continue to work (including in other applications such as Jira), they just can't be added to a page via the macro browser. The only exceptions are the JUnit Report macro, and News Gadget, which have been removed completley in 7.0.

Other changes that may affect your users include:

  • The Orphaned pages screen, in Space Tools, has been removed. Since Confluence 5.0 it has been possible to see all pages in a space, including those that are not a child of the homepage, in the Browse/Reorder pages screen.
  • Trackback and Referrers screens, in the admin console, have been removed. External referrer information also no longer appears in Page Information.

Full details of the features we're removing, or ending support for, can be found in the End of Support Announcements for Confluence.

Thanks for all your feedback on shortcut links feature.  We've heard you, and won't end support for Shortcut links in Confluence 7.0.

Webdav プラグインのサポート終了

WabDAV プラグインのサポートは Confluence 7.0 で終了します。このプラグインは、将来の Confluence リリースで完全に削除される予定です。詳細は、「Confluence のサポート終了のお知らせ」を参照してください。 

CDN dark feature removed

The unsupported Confluence CDN dark feature conlfuence.fixed.cdn.enabled has been removed. If you relied on this dark feature, you should remove it from your or setenv.bat file.

License Details screen changes

We've made some minor wording changes to the license screen to make it easier to understand, and more consistent with other Atlassian applications. For example 'Support period' is now called 'Maintenance expiry', but the functionality remains the same.

Synchrony data will be removed during the upgrade

As previously mentioned, we've added two new scheduled jobs to help you regularly evict data from the Synchrony database tables. Because these tables have grown very large for most customers, when you upgrade to Confluence 7.0, an upgrade task will truncate these tables. Many customers have already been manually truncating these tables as a workaround.

The upgrade task could take some time to run. On our test site (classified as Large) it took about 30 minutes. 

Page edits that are in-progress may be deleted by this process if the changes have not been published, auto-saved as a draft, or were abandoned (for example if the user’s browser crashed while editing). Because Confluence auto-saves a draft every 30 seconds by default, the loss should be minimal. As the auto-save interval is configurable, you might want to check what it's set to in your site when planning your upgrade.

Trackback and referrers data will be removed during the upgrade

As mentioned above, we have removed the trackback and referrers features. An upgrade task will delete the the TRACKBACKLINKS and EXTRNLNKS database tables. We recommend you back up the data prior to upgrading if you want to keep the historical data.


As mentioned above, we've added a new pre-upgrade planning tool tp help get you upgrade-ready. This is provided by the Troubleshooting and Support tools app, which is bundled with Confluence.

To ensure the tool displays the latest version data, Confluence needs to be able to access the

If a connection can’t be established, for example if you’re using restrictive firewall or proxy server settings, the tool won’t be able to fetch any updates to version data, supported platforms or documentation. In these cases, we recommend updating to the latest version of the Troubleshooting and Support tools app before you use the tool. 

Ultimate Permission Manager app requires an update

As you may be aware, we acquired the Ultimate Permission Manager app a few months ago, and plan to incorporate the functionality into Confluence Data Center in a future 7.x version.  

If you are already using the Ultimate Permission Manager, you'll need to update to the latest version of the app to use it with Confluence 7.0.  See the Release Notes for more information and a download link. 

Changes to thumbnail and preview generation

When you insert an uploaded file into a page, Confluence generates thumbnail images of the file contents so it can be viewed inline in the page, or in the preview. Some types of files can be very memory intensive, so we've added guard rails to protect the stability of your site when people upload files.

  • We no longer generate thumbnails for TIFF or PSD (Photoshop) files. These files are often very large, and have been known to cause out of memory errors. You can choose to turn this back on using the confluence.document.conversion.imaging.enabled.tif or confluence.document.conversion.imaging.enabled.psd and system properties.
  • We've added a time limit of 30 seconds when generating thumbnails for image files and presentation files (such as Powerpoint files). This is to prevent out of memory errors affecting your entire site. You can increase the timeout using the confluence.document.conversion.imaging.convert.timeout and confluence.document.conversion.slides.convert.timeout system properties.


No changes to supported platforms in this release.  

Advance notice: Java 11 support 

We'll be adding support for Java 11 in a future 7.x release.  We chose Java 11 because, as a Long Term Support version, it will set you up for several years of access to regular bug fixes and security updates. 


7.0 is a platform release, which means it contains breaking changes that App vendors will need to be aware of.  Head to Preparing for Confluence 7.0 to find out how these changes will impact app developers. 

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