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Bamboo 5.7 has been released! See the new features in the Bamboo 5.7 release notes and read the Bamboo upgrade guide.

2011 年 7 月 26 日

Atlassian presents Bamboo 3.2 with release management, manual Stages and improved application linking.

Upgrading to Bamboo 3.2 is free for all customers with active Bamboo software maintenance.


Thank you for your feedback:

51 new features and improvements implemented
150 votes fulfilled

Your votes and issues help us keep improving our products, and are much appreciated.

Please keep logging your votes and issues. They help us decide what needs doing!

Upgrading to Bamboo 3.2

You can download Bamboo from the Atlassian website. If upgrading from a previous version, please read the Bamboo 3.2 upgrade guide.



Bamboo can be used for more than just continuous deployment. The entire release process can be automated by Bamboo with the appropriate setup. If you are using Atlassian's JIRA with Bamboo, you can now synchronize the release activities between these two applications.

When releasing a version in JIRA, you will have the option of starting a Bamboo build (e.g. a build that tests and deploys the artifacts for the version). If the build passes, the version will be automatically released in JIRA. If it fails, the version will not be released and you will have the option of running it again.

We've released a new version of the JIRA-Bamboo plugin for JIRA that provides this release management functionality. Get it from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange: JIRA-Bamboo Plugin v4.3


More... (JIRA documentation)



The new manual Stages feature also helps you to manage release activities, such as testing, deployment and the release itself, by allowing you pause the execution of your Plan at manual Stages. For example, you might want to use a manual Stage for the deployment to give your QA team a chance to perform a few manual tests before your software goes into production.

Any Stage can be configured as a manual Stage. If you run a Plan with manual Stages, Bamboo will pause the build every time it reaches a manual Stage. The Plan build will only continue once a user has manually triggered the Stage.




Sometimes, it's not your developers' fault. Builds can fail for all sorts of reasons that are not related to the code (e.g. infrastructure problems). If so, you may want to rerun the Stage that a Plan failed at, rather than start the Plan build from scratch again.

We have provided you with the ability to rerun failed Stages in this release. Any Jobs that failed in the Stage will run again and the exact same data will be used.




Is your dashboard or wallboard a confusing mess of Plans? If so, you'll be happy to know that we've implemented Plan filters for the dashboard and wallboard in this release. Simply label your Plans, then filter the Plans on your dashboard/wallboard by Plan label, as desired.



Jira 経由のユーザー管理

You can now use the same set of users in Bamboo and JIRA, and manage your users and groups in JIRA. We've redesigned the user management configuration screen to make it easy to connect Bamboo to JIRA/Crowd for user management. If you use Bamboo with Crowd, you'll also notice a few improvements to the Bamboo-Crowd integration. We've bundled the Crowd 2.3 integration libraries with Bamboo 3.2. Try using Bamboo 3.2 with Crowd 2.3.1 and you will notice an improvement in performance, particularly if you have a large user base.



Improved Application Linking

Bamboo 3.2 bundles the new Application Links plugin. If you want to link Bamboo to JIRA to take advantage of the new release management feature, you won't need to mess around in the administration consoles of both Bamboo and JIRA any more. The Application Links plugin lets you create two-way links to other applications with your choice of authentication methods, from the Bamboo administration console.



Plus over 130 fixes and improvements

The top 10 issues by votes are shown below. For the full list of fixes and improvements, please refer to our public JIRA site to see a full list of issues fixed in this release of Bamboo.

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The Bamboo 3.2 Team


Core Team

Brydie McCoy
James Dumay
Jason Berry
Marek Went
Krystian Brazulewicz
Przemek Bruski
Marcin Gardias
Piotr Stefan Stefaniak
Ben Woskow
Slawek Ginter

Team Lead

Mark Chaimungkalanont

プロジェクト マネージャー

Anton Mazkovoi


Renan Battaglin
Ajay Sridhar
Zed Yap
Gurleen Anand
Felipe Kraemer
Rene Verschoor
Dylan Hansen


Product Management

Jens Schumacher

Product Marketing

Giancarlo Lionetti

Technical Writing

Andrew Lui


James Fleming

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