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2023 年 10 月

We’re proud to present Bamboo 9.4.

Bamboo 9.4.x is the last version that supports Server licenses. Learn what this means for you

Take some time and read through the release notes to learn what we've prepared for you this time. Swing by the Bamboo 9.4 upgrade notes  to check for any breaking changes if you plan to upgrade and don’t forget to check out the full list of resolved issues .

Bamboo 9.4.x is the last release to support Server licenses

Bamboo 9.4 will be the last Bamboo feature release available to download for Server, prior to the Server end of support date on Feb 15, 2024. All feature releases after Bamboo 9.4 will only support our Data Center offering. Bamboo 9.4 will continue to receive security and bug fixes in adherence to our Support policies .

We recommend that you upgrade to Data Center to remain secure and supported.

Bamboo 9.4.3

Release date:

Here's what's new in Bamboo 9.4.3:

Universal Plugin Manager を利用したアプリのインストール

サーバー データセンター

The Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) allows installing Atlassian and third-party apps in Bamboo and other Data Center products in three ways:

  • with the Upload app button on the Manage apps page where you provide a URL to the app or upload a file with the app
  • with the REST API (/rest/plugins)
  • with the Install button on the Find new apps page

In Bamboo 9.4.3, you can install new apps only by selecting the Install button on the Find new apps page. Installing new apps with the Upload app button on the Manage apps page or with the REST API is now disabled by default. This limitation prevents unwanted uploads of potentially malicious files to your Bamboo instance.

If you need to enable app installation with the Upload app button on the Manage apps page or with the REST API, set the following system property:


Learn how to set system properties

Bamboo 9.4.2


Here's what's new in Bamboo 9.4.2:

Bamboo no longer ships with the JDBC driver for the H2 database engine

サーバー データセンター

To resolve several security vulnerabilities, the JDBC driver for the H2 database engine is no longer bundled with Bamboo 9.4.2 and later. If you want to evaluate Bamboo using the H2 database, see Connect Bamboo to an H2 database .

Bamboo 9.4.0


Here's what's new in Bamboo 9.4.0:

Safeguard your deployment environments against unapproved releases

サーバー データセンター

To help you make sure that a bad release never takes down your whole production environment (or never does that again), deployment environments now let you set their release approval policy. The policy lets you define the conditions a release must meet before it can be deployed. That is, which environments accept all releases, which ones accept approved releases, and which ones only accept releases that haven’t been marked as broken. If you change your mind later, just update the environment’s settings and you’re good to go.

Learn more about the release approval policy for deployment environments

Expiring personal access tokens

サーバー データセンター

We know that for many admins, managing personal access tokens can be a challenge. Although tokens increase security over basic authentication, they can also pose a risk. For example, when tokens are used for short-lived integrations, or when you have no way of enforcing that they're changed regularly.

To further increase the security of personal access tokens, users of Bamboo can now set an automatic expiry date on the tokens they've created. Admins can also decide whether setting an automatic expiry date should be mandatory, and they can set a global maximum validity period for tokens in days.

個人アクセス トークンの詳細を確認


サーバー データセンター

To respond to the needs of our customers, we've strengthened our commitment to make Bamboo more accessible. This release includes accessibility improvements such as:

  • adding previously missing ARIA roles, alternative text, and labels for page elements
  • adding keyboard support for click-to-copy and drag-and-drop to many interactive elements
  • updating legacy components with new, more accessible ones
  • fixing incorrect and misleading attributes and keyboard traps


Java 17 のサポート

サーバー データセンター

Bamboo’s performance and stability are better than ever thanks to added support for Java 17. This version of Java is supported both on the server and the agent side.



Change detection fails for SVN+SSH repositories

Due to an incompatibility between SVNKit and Apache Mina SSHD 2.10.0 and later, Bamboo can't check out code from SVN repositories over SSH. We're working on fixing this issue in an upcoming bug fix release.

As a temporary workaround, change your Subversion repository settings by replacing the SSH URL with an equivalent HTTP SVN address. For information on how to do this, see Subversion.

BAM-25657 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Scroll through the list of the issues we’ve resolved throughout the lifecycle of Bamboo 9.4.

Issues resolved in Bamboo 9.4.4

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Issues resolved in Bamboo 9.4.3
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Issues resolved in Bamboo 9.4.2
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Issues resolved in Bamboo 9.4.1
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Issues resolved in Bamboo 9.4.0
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