Bamboo 5.5 リリース ノート

Bamboo リリース ノート



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28 April 2014

Take some time and read through the release notes to learn what we've prepared for you this time. Swing by the upgrade notes to check for any breaking changes if you plan to upgrade and don’t forget to check out the full list of resolved issues.

Improved Stash integration

We've implemented a new Stash repository type that makes it much simpler to link your build plan to a Stash repository. Just set up an application link to your Stash server and you'll be able to pick from any repository when creating or configuring a building plan.

Integrating Bamboo with Stash still offers all of the benefits that we've provided in previous releases: In Bamboo, you can view all of the commits that went into a build's development, while in Stash you can see all of the latest build statuses associated with a commit when viewing any commit or pull request, as well as the overall status of build results.

Learn more about linking to Stash repositories

Shared repositories have been renamed Linked repositories

When you link to a repository while creating a plan, the repository configuration is no longer stored against the plan configuration. 

Source repositories linked during plan creation are now available globally to all plans and jobs configured on the Bamboo server. This will save you from having to reconfigure source repositories in multiple places if these ever change — any changes to a linked repository are applied to every plan or job that uses that repository.

You can control who has access to the linked repository during the plan creation process.

使用方法と権限に影響するリンク トリポジトリへの重要な変更

Linked Repositories are now the preferred way to define and share repository configuration between plans in Bamboo. As a result, we've made two changes that you should be aware of:

  • When users create plans, they are only given the option to create Linked Repositories.
  • Users will need the Create Plan global permission in order to create Linked Repositories.

In the long term, Atlassian plans to deprecate the repository configuration defined against the plan. These configurations can be converted to Linked repositories by clicking Convert to linked repository on each plan's repository configuration page.

Learn more about linking to source code repositories

Stash Legacy web repository deprecated

We will deprecate the Stash (Legacy) web repository type in favor of the new Stash repository type. This will fully come into effect in Bamboo 5.6. Use of the new Stash repository type will automatically provide the functionality of the Stash web repository.

Bamboo administration menu layout

The Bamboo administration menu layout has changed, providing a more logical structure that makes it easier to navigate administration topics and functions.

In Bamboo, select the cog icon in the header to view the improved layout administration menu.


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