Bamboo 2.3 upgrade guide

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Upgrading from Bamboo 2.2 to 2.3

We strongly recommended that you back up your xml-data directory before proceeding. For full instructions please follow the Bamboo upgrade guide.

We also strongly recommend that you export your Bamboo data for backup before proceeding. Please note, that this may take a long time to complete depending on the number of builds and tests in your system. For full instructions please see Exporting data for backup.

If you are using plugins, please make sure that your plugins are compiled against 2.3 before upgrading.

Please also note the following important points:

1. Bamboo developers — Changes for 2.3


If you are a Bamboo developer, please take note of the 'Changes for Bamboo 2.3' document when upgrading to 2.3. We have made significant changes to Bamboo's remote API to improve it. However, it is likely that a number of existing Bamboo plugins will not work as a result.

We strongly recommend that you take note of the changes linked above and update your plugins accordingly.

2. Remote agents automatically upgraded


Please note that your remote agents do not need to be manually upgraded for this release. They will be automatically upgraded when you upgrade your Bamboo instance.

Upgrading from Bamboo prior to 2.2

In addition to the above, please read the upgrade guide for every version you are skipping during the upgrade. 

In particular, if you are upgrading from a version of Bamboo prior to 2.0, please ensure that you upgrade to Bamboo 2.0.6 first before upgrading to Bamboo 2.3.

Please ensure that you read the Bamboo 2.0 upgrade guide which contains important upgrade instructions for upgrading from earlier versions of Bamboo.

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