Bamboo 5.14 upgrade notes

Bamboo リリース ノート



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We’ve collected some important notes on upgrading to Bamboo 5.14. For details on all the new features and improvements we’ve introduced in this release, see the Bamboo 5.14 release notes.

アップグレード ノート

Here’s some important information you should know about before upgrading.

New API for VCS repositories

We've rebuilt the repository subsystem, added new plugin points, and introduced new web repository viewers. For more information, see our developer documentation

Action required

Before you upgrade to Bamboo 5.14, check for potential plugin incompatibilities, especially if you're using any plugins that aren't officially supported by Atlassian (third-party plugins, plugins developed in-house, or plugins marked as unsupported on Atlassian Marketplace). 

We strongly recommend reporting compatibility issues to the plugin vendor and Atlassian Support.

Changes in requirements for table names of the external databases

With Bamboo 5.14, we're dropping the lowercase table names requirement for the external database configuration introduced in Bamboo 5.13.


See what changes are in store for the supported platforms in Bamboo. For more information about what the latest stable release of Bamboo supports, see Supported platforms.

End-of-support announcements

This release of Bamboo doesn't remove or deprecate support to any of the existing supported platforms.


This release of Bamboo adds support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

How to upgrade Bamboo

See the Bamboo upgrade guide for a complete walk-through of the upgrade process that includes descriptions of all the available upgrade paths, prerequisites, and methods.

最終更新日: 2023 年 1 月 19 日


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