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This page covers how to edit files using the legacy Edit in Office method.

Confluence provides two methods for editing files:

  • Edit files using the Atlassian Companion app 
    Allows you to edit any type of file, if you have a compatible application installed. Requires you to install the Atlassian Companion app. 
  • Edit in Office using the Office Connector 
    Allows you to edit Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word files with a compatible browser and Microsoft Office application. Provided for organizations who can't use the Atlassian Companion app.

Your Confluence administrator will decide which method is best for your organisation.

To check which method is available in your site, go to the file preview (click an image or file thumbnail). If you see the Edit with option, your site is using the Companion app method, so the information on this page doesn't apply to you.

ページに添付されている Office ファイルを編集する

The Office Connector allows you to edit Office files that are attached to pages, if your site does not use the Companion App method. You'll need to use a browser, operating system and application (either Microsoft Office or OpenOffice) as described in the compatibility matrix below.

Confluence ページに添付されている Office ドキュメントを編集するには:

  1. > [添付ファイル] に進み、
  2. 編集する添付ファイルの横のOffice で編集を選択します。
  3. Choose OK
    You may also see a security warning or be asked to log in to your Confluence server - enter your Confluence username and password, then choose OK.

  4. Office アプリケーションでファイルが開きます。編集が完了したらドキュメントを保存します。ドキュメントは Confluence に戻って保存されます。 

(warning) ファイル名に特殊文字 (#、@、€ など) が含まれるファイルでは、Office で編集は機能しません。 

スクリーンショット:添付ファイルページでの Office 編集オプション


Edit options also appear in the:

Office Connector pre-requisites

You can only edit files using the Office Connector if your system administrator has enabled this feature on your site. By default, Confluence requires you to install the Atlassian Companion app to edit attached files. See Edit Files


Edit in Office is only compatible with desktop applications. Online versions of Office applications are not supported.

Confluence ページの Office ファイルを編集するには、次のいずれかのソフトウェアの組み合わせが必要です。


Microsoft Office 2010 SP2, 2013, 2016, 2019

  • Windows
  • Chrome
  • Firefox1
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge

Microsoft Office 2011, 2016, 2019

  • macOS
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Microsoft Office XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 SP1

  • Windows
  • Internet Explorer 11

OpenOffice 2.x – 3.x

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

LibreOffice 6.x

  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

1 Firefox only works in Windows with Confluence 7.1 and later.


The known supported Office editors for Linux are OpenOffice & LibreOffice, but in theory it should work with any WebDAV-aware application.

If you experience problems editing documents using the Office Connector (using an application, operating system and browser combination above) contact our support team, who can raise an issue about it. Tell us as much as you can about your operating system, application version, document version (if it's different to the version of Office / Open Office you're using to open the document) and browser.

Here are a few common issues:

  • Using Internet Explorer? You can only edit documents in Microsoft Office. OpenOffice is not supported.
  • Using Linux? You can only edit documents in OpenOffice. Microsoft Office is not supported.
  • Special characters in the filename? Edit in Office does not work for files with special characters (like ' # @ €) in the filename. See  CONFSERVER-22403 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Not seeing the Office Connector options? Your system administrator needs to enable this feature, and can control how it appears on your site. See Enable Edit in Office as a dark feature and Configuring the Office Connector.


Office コネクタに問題がありますか?

  • The WebDAV plugin must be enabled, because the Office Connector uses WebDAV to transfer information to and from Office documents. The WebDAV plugin is bundled with Confluence, and can be enabled or disabled by the System Administrator. If necessary, refer to the instructions on managing system and marketplace apps and configuring the WebDAV options.
  • Ensure that your Confluence server's base URL is set correctly (see Configuring the Server Base URL to find out how to check this). When a user edits a Confluence page in Word and then uploads the page back to the Confluence server, the base URL determines where the document will be saved. If the base URL is incorrect, the documents may be saved to a different Confluence server.
  • Using Office 2013? Your administrator will need to enable 'Allow authentication tokens in the URL path' in the Office Connector configuration. See Configuring the Office Connector.

See the Office Connector Limitations and Known Issues knowledge base article for more troubleshooting tips.

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