How to configure Apache for caching and HTTP/2

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This Knowledge Base article was written specifically for Atlassian Data Center applications. The contents of this article do not apply to Server installations or the Atlassian Cloud platform.


This knowledge base article describes a workaround for Data Center customers who want to use the CDN feature, but can't use a third-party CDN vendor, such as CloudFront, CloudFlare, Akamai, etc. 

Learn more about CDN support in Jira applications and Configure your CDN for Confluence Data Center


If using a third-party CDN is not an option for your organisation, you can deploy your own caching proxies close to where your teams are located, for example in each of your satellite offices. Your proxies should all share the same DNS address. This is the URL you'll provide in the CDN setup screen in your Data Center application. 

Here are the basic requirements:

You will need to enable HTTP/1.1 on backend, and disable the experimental HTTP/2 client component as follows:

a2enmod proxy_http headers; a2dismod proxy_http2

Enable SSL, disk cache, and HTTP/2 protocol on the user-facing side as follows:

a2enmod ssl cache_disk http2

Create the disk location for your cache:

mkdir /var/cache/apache-web-cache 
chown www-data.www-data /var/cache/apache-web-cache
chmod 755 /var/cache/apache-web-cache

Configure your Apache site. Here's an example configuration. The important points are HTTP/2 protocol, SSL, and cache. 

Protocols h2

<VirtualHost webcache:443>
			 ServerAdmin admin@localhost

			 LogLevel info

			 ServerName cdn
			 SSLEngine On
			 SSLProxyEngine On

			 SSLCertificateFile "/etc/ssl/webcache.crt"
			 SSLCertificateKeyFile "/etc/ssl/webcache.key"
			 SSLProxyCACertificateFile "/etc/ssl/myrootCA.pem"

			 RequestHeader unset Cookie
			 Header unset Set-Cookie

			 ProxyPass /
			 ProxyPassReverse /

			 CacheRoot "/var/cache/apache-web-cache/"
			 CacheEnable disk /
			 CacheDirLevels 2
			 CacheDirLength 1


If you need more assistance, consult the Apache documentation about caching: and about setting up high availability configurations for reverse proxies:

説明 Describes how to configure Apache for caching. This is a workaround for customers who want to use the Data Center CDN feature with locally deployed caching proxies.
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