Creating A Jira Administrator That Does Not Count Towards License

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In some use cases, and organization may not have room in their allotted licenses for a dedicated admin user. This guide will show you have a user that cannot work on or view any tickets, but have access to all of the administration menus.


This solution is only for JIRA versions 7.x, this will not work in JIRA 6.x and below due to a different handling of what users count towards your license.

  1. Create a new user account in your internal directory, ensuring that it does not share a name with any LDAP users.
  2. Create a new group for that user, such as local-admins and ensure that that is the only group they are a member of.
  3. From ⚙ > System > Global Permissions, grant the group from the previous step the JIRA System Administrators and JIRA Administrators permission.
  4. Log in at that user to test that they have full admin permissions, and that your license count has not increased.

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