How to block access to a specific URL at Tomcat

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In some cases, you may wish to restrict access to a specific URL within your Atlassian Applications - for example, if clients are accessing a URL that causes load on the application server. If you don't have access to the reverse proxy (or are not using a reverse proxy) you can modify Tomcat directly.

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This solution is only applicable for Atlassian Applications that run under Apache Tomcat - such as Jira, Confluence, Crowd.


  • Shut down the application, and backup your $application-install/conf/server.xml file
  • Add the following inside the <Host> element:

    The path attribute is relative to the root of the instance; and must take into account your normal context path, if you use one. In recent versions of Confluence, you may wish to use the variable ${confluence.context.path} to ensure your Valapp is consistent with the context path (if any).

    <Context path="relative/url/to/block" docBase="" >
        <Valapp className="org.apache.catalina.valapps.RemoteAddrValapp" deny="*" />
  • After the change, a part of your server.xml would look similar to the snippet below. If you don't have a context path, remove contextpath/ from the URL to block:

    <Context path="contextpath" docBase="${catalina.home}/atlassian-jira" reloadable="false" useHttpOnly="true">
    <Context path="/secure/admin/SendBulkMail!default.jspa" docBase="" >
        <Valapp className="org.apache.catalina.valapps.RemoteAddrValapp" deny="*" />
    <Context path="/SendBulkMail!default.jspa" docBase="" >
        <Valapp className="org.apache.catalina.valapps.RemoteAddrValapp" deny="*" />
    <Context path="/admin/SendBulkMail!default.jspa" docBase="" >
        <Valapp className="org.apache.catalina.valapps.RemoteAddrValapp" deny="*" />

説明 How to block access to a specific URL at Tomcat when the reverse proxy is unavailable or not used

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