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A core part of setting up your continuous integration build process is to specify the code repositories that Bamboo will work with.

You can set up linked source repositories that are available globally to all plans and jobs configured on the Bamboo server. Doing this can save you from having to reconfigure the source repositories in multiple places if these ever change - any changes to a linked repository are applied to every plan or job that uses that repository.

Note, you need the Create Plan or Admin global permission to configure linked repositories.

To link a new source code repository:

  1. Click the  icon and select Linked Repositories.
  2. Click Add repository.
  3. Select your repository from the available menu options. Bamboo is able to connect to a variety of SCMs; for details regarding a particular repository type, please refer to the pages listed below:

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure the repository
  5. Click Save repository to save your configuration.

You can also link a repository when you create a new plan. The source repository you specify becomes the default for that plan. It is used by the plan's 'Default Job' and can be used by other jobs added to this plan. You can also specify additional repositories for a Bamboo plan to work with, perhaps for tasks in later stages of the build. See Checking out code.

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