Bamboo 6.8 Release Notes

2019 年 2 月

Bamboo has grown up a version. Don’t be green and read all about our new 6.8 features here.

If you're upgrading, make sure to swing by the Bamboo upgrade guide as some behaviour of Bamboo in this version might have changed from previous ones.


Bamboo's new clothes

Bamboo 6.8 is released with fresh new look thanks to the implementation of Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG) in Server. ADG in Server is based on the new Atlassian design and contains updates to color palette, typography and icons, and doesn't include any of the navigation changes that are unique to Atlassian cloud products. These design changes are implemented via an upgrade to AUI.

Deployment performance improvement 

Bamboo 6.8 tackles performance issues and usability problems around the deployments feature. We have been listening carefully to voices of our users and we've read through numerous feature improvement request. To meet your expectations, we have prepared the following changes: 

  • Deployments dashboard, and single deployment view page have been revised. We've introduced infinite scroll to these pages and delayed fetching your data until you actually need it. As a result we've got a much more responsive dashboard where thousands of projects can load in a matter of seconds. Additionally, we've added a search bar to the deployment dashboard and a single deployment page so that you can now filter your projects faster. 
  • You can now move an environment to any (custom) position and not only up and down by one. 

  • We have reimplemented deletion of plans where other entities (plans, environments) are triggered by them. Now the deletion should be smooth and fast, and the dangling triggers will be efficiently cleaned up.
  • The edit deployments page is now faster and more responsive. We’ve improved the performance significantly should you have a great number of environments within a single project.

Final stages

Final stages are…finally here! This highly anticipated feature is available for you starting Bamboo 6.7. Final stages is a new type of stages which is always executed in a plan no matter whether any of the preceding stages were run successfully or not. Final stages can be used, for instance, to collect data regardless of the build results, or run clean up tasks. For more information about stages in Bamboo, see Using stages in a plan


4 June 2019 - Bamboo 6.8.3

We've addressed an integration issue with Bitbucket Cloud:  BAM-20455 - Getting issue details... STATUS

23 May 2019 - Bamboo 6.8.2

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13 March 2019 - Bamboo 6.8.1

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5 February 2019 - Bamboo 6.8.0

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最終更新日 2019 年 6 月 4 日


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