Bamboo 6.0 Release Notes




The Atlassian Bamboo team are excited to release Bamboo 6.0. If you're upgrading, read the Bamboo upgrade guide.





 Configuration as code

Configuration as code is now available in Bamboo! You can start storing your build plan configuration as code for easier automation, change tracking, validation, and much more. Read all about other benefits of using configuration as code in Bamboo Specs. We've also prepared a tutorial that will help you create a simple plan in no time. For behind-the-scenes information about the Bamboo Specs library, see our detailed  reference documentation.



 Support for pull requests

Starting from version 6.0, Bamboo can create plan branches whenever a pull request is created. Create plan branch when ready to share your work with teammates and the CI system. Bamboo will detect new pull requests and create a plan branch.



 Pull requests join the branch status page

In Bamboo 6.0, the branch status page gives you even more insight into your environment with a new section showing pull requests for the selected VCS branch. To learn more, see Using the branch status page.



 Fastlane and Xcode support

Bamboo 6.0 introduces support for Fastlane allowing you to run Fastlane processes and discover Fastlane capabilities in Bamboo agents. Additionally, the XCode plugin is officially supported by Atlassian and from now on is going to be bundled with Bamboo. 



 SQL Server JDBC driver update

As of version 6.0, SQL Server jTDS driver is replaced with the official Microsoft JDBC driver. To learn more about this change, see here. Also check our upgrade guide to make sure that your upgrade goes smoothly after this change.



Bug fixes and improvements


  • A long standing bug where remote events/triggers from Bitbucket Server to Bamboo stop working after restart was identified and has been fixed in Bitbucket Server. The fix requires you to upgrade to Bitbucket Server 4.14.3+ or apply the workaround in the bug report. BSERV-9710 - Remote events between Bitbucket Server and Bamboo/JIRA/FishEye don't work immediately after restart Closed
  • Bamboo 6.0 provides you with security bug fix for  BAM-18242 - Apache Struts 2 Remote Code Execution (CVE-2017-5638) Resolved


  You can view the detailed list of other fixed bugs at the bottom of this page.






10 October 2017 - Bamboo 6.0.5

This is a security fix release. We've fixed the following issues:

12 September 2017 - Bamboo 6.0.4

This is a bug fix release. We've fixed the following issues:

7 June 2017 - Bamboo 6.0.3

This is a bug fix release. We've fixed the following issues:

5 June 2017 - Bamboo 6.0.2

This is a bug fix release. We've fixed the following issues:


BAM-18442 - SSH / SCP tasks no longer working in Bamboo 6.0.2 Resolved

22 May 2017 - Bamboo 6.0.1

This is a bug fix release. We've fixed the following issues:

26 April 2017 - Bamboo 6.0.0

We've fixed the following issues:

最終更新日 2017 年 11 月 10 日





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