Bamboo 2.1 Release Notes

Bamboo 5.7 has been released! See the new features in the Bamboo 5.7 release notes and read the Bamboo upgrade guide.

5 August 2008

The Atlassian Bamboo team is proud to release Bamboo 2.1.

Bamboo 2.1 introduces a suite of new features which help you monitor the status of your JIRA issues and Bamboo builds side by side, when you integrate Bamboo with Atlassian's JIRA. This includes enhancements to issue viewing and linking functionality in Bamboo, enhanced views in both JIRA and Bamboo, and an easier setup process to integrate JIRA and Bamboo.

Upgrading to Bamboo 2.1 is free for all customers with active Bamboo software maintenance. The Bamboo plugin for JIRA is free for all customers.

Highlights of this release:


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Upgrading to Bamboo 2.1

You can download Bamboo from the Atlassian website. To obtain the full benefits of this release, you will also need to install the latest JIRA Bamboo plugin, which is available for free. If upgrading from a previous version, please read the Bamboo 2.1 Upgrade Guide.

Highlights of Bamboo 2.1

Link Issues and Builds

Bamboo now provides you with more ways to link JIRA issues to your builds, when you integrate JIRA with Bamboo. Bamboo will still automatically link an issue to your build when you specify it in your commit message, but it will now also pick up related JIRA issue keys that have been included in build comments and labels. If you want to manually link a particular JIRA issue to a build, we have included a new user interface to let you do that too.


Specify the Issues that are Fixed by a Build

We have also enhanced the issue to build linking to allow you to specify which issues are fixed by a build. This handy function will make it more convenient for your developers to flag when a particular JIRA issue is fixed in a project version. The build artifacts are then automatically made available as links from your JIRA issue, allowing you to download them straightaway in JIRA.

Track the Builds for your Projects and Versions

Real-time tracking of the builds for a project or version has been included in this release of Bamboo. View the status of the builds for a project or a version at a glance in JIRA and drill down for details of each issue and build.

View Issues under Development

Bamboo 2.1 now also provides you with a detailed view of the issues related to builds in Bamboo. Find out which issues are linked to completed builds, to track which issues were worked on recently.

Post Change Detection Plugin Point

As part of the Bamboo 2.1 release, we have extended our plugin framework by introducing the post change detection plugin point. This allows you to customize Bamboo actions before an build is queued, giving you greater flexibility to manage your build process.

Plus over 30 fixes and improvements


課題キー 概要 P ステータス
BAM-3293 Bamboo Upgrade Guide may call for reconfiguring external user repositories in wrong order Low 解決日
BAM-3055 External User Management is marked as readonly but it is still attmepting to write to Crowd. Medium 解決日
BAM-2992 Add the agent information of the agent executing the build to the Build Context. Medium 解決日
BAM-2974 A Version Tab Panel in JIRA Bamboo plugin for "builds" Medium 解決日
BAM-2973 A Project Tab Panel in JIRA Bamboo plugin for "builds" Medium 解決日
BAM-2972 Plan Summary Tab for issues built in plan Medium 解決日
BAM-2971 Mark which builds have a JIRA issue is fixed in Medium 解決日
BAM-2970 Manually edit JIRA issue links with builds Medium 解決日
BAM-2936 Exports fail on Oracle High 解決日
BAM-2900 Builds list only displays relative date Medium 解決日
BAM-2897 JIRA content is not escaped in Bamboo High 解決日
BAM-2889 Intelligent cleaning of source directory when using "Force Clean Build" Medium 解決日
BAM-2888 RSS does not display the correct information when no changes found Medium 解決日
BAM-2887 Accesskey + S for submitting forms no longer worked in FireFox 3 Low 解決日
BAM-2874 Nullpointer Exception while exporing non-existant users. Medium 解決日
BAM-2872 Strange horizontal scrolling on build results pages Low 解決日
BAM-2870 Upgrade Nant jar Medium 解決日
BAM-2869 Bamboo fails with OOM error, due to memory leak in xstream library High 解決日
BAM-2866 Changes to perforce client spec (without changing Bamboo) can cause odd behaviour Medium 解決日
BAM-2865 Bamboo integration with crowd doesnt play nicely with caches. Medium 解決日
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