Bamboo 5.3 Release Notes

11th December 2013

The Atlassian Bamboo team are pleased to announce the release of Bamboo 5.3. Bamboo 5.3 is of course free to all customers with active Bamboo software maintenance.  If you are upgrading, please read the Bamboo 5.3 Upgrade Guide.


XSRF protection

Bamboo 5.3 includes features that protect you against XSRF attacks.

These features are potentially disruptive and we recommend that you read the Bamboo 5.3 Upgrade Guide for more information.


The Bamboo team would also like to announce the forthcoming end of support for Internet Explorer 8 and the Maven artifact sharing plugin.

Please see the End of support announcements for Bamboo page for further information.

Improvements and new features

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BAM-13538 Not Found (404) /ajax/build/viewBuildResultsByJiraKey.action Error in project and issue tab panels バグ Jul 08, 2013 2016 年 8 月 26 日 未割り当て Jobin Kuruvilla [Go2Group] Medium 解決日 Fixed
BAM-12813 Hanging sshd connections on remote server バグ Feb 13, 2013 Apr 16, 2014 未割り当て Robert Erica Medium 解決日 Fixed
BAM-13987 Bamboo cannot connect to other Atlassian applications on non-default HTTPS port バグ Nov 08, 2013 Apr 01, 2017 未割り当て Thiago Bomfim Medium 解決日 Fixed
BAM-14071 Make the detect server capabilities feature able to find Visual Studio 2012/2013 改善点 Nov 28, 2013 Jan 24, 2014 Pawel Skierczynski Sepideh Setayeshfar Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-13775 Dot NET plugin should autodetect Visual Studio 2012 capability 改善点 Sep 17, 2013 Jan 24, 2014 未割り当て Marcin Gardias Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-10769 Build agents don't pick up changes to tasks after updating the plugin in Bamboo バグ Feb 01, 2012 Nov 18, 2013 Przemyslaw Bruski Stefan Saasen Medium 解決日 Fixed
BAM-11894 Document Author management feature 改善点 Jul 18, 2012 Nov 04, 2013 Nathan Pye [Atlassian] James Dumay [Atlassian] Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-13923 Update Bamboo Clover Plugin to core version 3.2.0 改善点 Oct 23, 2013 Oct 25, 2013 Marek Parfianowicz Marek Parfianowicz Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-13717 Admin menu goes behind action buttons バグ Sep 05, 2013 Oct 22, 2013 未割り当て Brydie McCoy Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-13560 Change bundled session.validationinterval to 2 to prevent poor performance バグ Aug 06, 2013 Apr 01, 2017 Pawel Skierczynski Diego Berrueta Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-14166 Clicking 'run customised build' gives freemarker error in the logs バグ Jan 06, 2014 Jan 06, 2014 Marek Went Brydie McCoy Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-14003 Jenkins plugin incompatible with latest Git plugin バグ Nov 12, 2013 Nov 15, 2013 未割り当て Brydie McCoy Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-13998 Document the shared credentials feature 新機能 Nov 11, 2013 Nov 14, 2013 未割り当て Nathan Pye [Atlassian] Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-13974 Global variable password values exposed with REST expand=variableContext バグ Nov 05, 2013 Jan 24, 2014 未割り当て Bob Swift [Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons] High 解決日 Fixed
BAM-13972 Restarting build doesn't work if there exists release created from this build バグ Nov 05, 2013 Nov 25, 2013 未割り当て Marcin Gardias Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-13941 Successful test results are not reloaded after rebuild is finished バグ Oct 28, 2013 Oct 31, 2013 未割り当て Marcin Gardias Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-13939 Memory leak in smack 3.3.0 バグ Oct 28, 2013 Nov 13, 2013 未割り当て Marcin Gardias Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-13929 The branch merging configuration page overlaps for branch with long names バグ Oct 24, 2013 Dec 10, 2013 未割り当て Sultan Maiyaki Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-13925 If all Jobs in Plan are disabled but Plan is not, Bamboo will increase build number without starting any builds. バグ Oct 24, 2013 Oct 31, 2013 未割り当て Marcin Gardias Low 解決日 Fixed
BAM-13901 Creating backup into symlinked directory fails バグ Oct 18, 2013 Jul 14, 2016 Pawel Skierczynski Sepideh Setayeshfar Low 解決日 Fixed
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Who are the Bamboo team?



Mark Chaimungkalanont

Paul Kelcey

James Dumay

Agile evangelism

Sarah Goff-Dupont


Brydie McCoy

David Hernandez

Piotr Stefaniak

Krystian Brazulewicz

Marcin Gardias

Marek Went

Przemek Bruski

Pawel Skierczynski

UI Development

Matthias Schreck

Jason Berry


Nathan Pye

Paul Watson

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