Bamboo 5.15 Release Notes




The Atlassian Bamboo team are excited to release Bamboo 5.15. If you're upgrading, read the Bamboo upgrade guide.





Git LFS support

For Git, Bickbucket Cloud Git, and Bickbucket Sever repositories, Bamboo 5.15 is introducing Git LFS support. 

Git LFS allows you to save time and space by replacing large files such with pointers inside Git, while storing the actual content of your files on a remote server. 

Just select the Enable Git LFS support checkbox in the advanced options of your repository to enable this feature. When this option is selected, Bamboo will fetch Git LFS content as part of the checkout task and Git repository cache preparation. 



System-wide encryption

Now, more than ever, you can be sure that sensitive data that you store in Bamboo is well protected with the central encryption service. 

For details on how Bamboo protects your data, see System-wide encryption.



Improvements to the Branch Status page

In Bamboo 5.15, we have fixed a number of small issues in the Branch Status page to make your user experience even better.

  • Introducing plan sorting by plan name, build status (default), and completion date. Your choice is saved and kept for all repositories and branches even after refreshing the page or logging out. 


  • The new favicon with the status of a branch which allows you to monitor the condition of your branch at a quick glance.

  • When opening a dropdown to select a repository or branch, the most recently visited items are now displayed first.
  • New animations were added to help you distinguish better newly added or deleted plans.
  • In the Add plans picker, projects names are now displayed next to plan names to help you differentiate between plans quickly.



Spring Scanner 2 support

Bamboo 5.15 provides support for Spring Scanner 2 library set. Read more about Spring Scanner. 



Bug fixes and improvements

You can view the detailed list of fixed bugs at the bottom of this page.




Bamboo 5.15 contains upgrade tasks that can take extra time when moving from earlier versions of Bamboo. Keep this in mind when planning your upgrade outages.

22 May 2017 - Bamboo 5.15.7

This is a bug fix release. We've fixed the following issues:

28 March 2017 - Bamboo 5.15.5

This is a bug fix release. We've fixed the following issues:

24 March 2017 - Bamboo 5.15.4

This is a bug fix release. We've fixed the following issues:

9 March 2017 - Bamboo 5.15.3

This is a security bug fix release. We've fixed the following issues:

8 March 2017 - Bamboo 5.15.2

This is a bug fix release. We've fixed the following issues:


14 February 2017 - Bamboo 5.15.0

 We've fixed the following issues:


最終更新日: 2017 年 9 月 16 日





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