Crowd 1.4 Upgrade Notes

This document contains notes on upgrading an existing Crowd installation to Crowd 1.4. You can see the features of this release in the Crowd 1.4 Release Notes.

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Crowd administrators must be in a group mapped to the 'crowd' application

With Crowd 1.4 and later, non-administrators as well as Crowd administrators can log in to Crowd. Non-administrators can update their user profiles and view their authorization details. To support this, the Crowd permissions now distinguish between Crowd administrators (users in groups mapped to the 'crowd' application) and other Crowd users (all users in directories allowed to authenticate to Crowd).


  • In previous versions of Crowd, any user authorized to log in to the 'crowd' application had access to the full functionality of the Crowd Administration Console. The default setup used the 'crowd-administrators' group to manage these users. Most of our customers will have used the default group or customized groups for their Crowd administrators. But it was possible to grant entire directories administration access to Crowd, by mapping the directory to the 'crowd' application and allowing all to authenticate.
  • In Crowd 1.4 and later, every Crowd administrator must be a member of a group mapped to the 'crowd' application (in any mapped directory). Other users will be able to log in to Crowd and use the Self-Service Console if they are members of mapped directories where all can authenticate. But if they are not members of mapped groups, they will not have full access to the Administration Console.

Before upgrading, check that you have a valid administrator

Before starting the upgrade, ensure that there is at least one user in a group that is mapped to the 'crowd' application.

Additional file to copy for client applications: crowd-ehcache.xml

For better caching, you will need to copy the new {CROWD_INSTALL}\client\conf\crowd-ehcache.xml file to each Crowd-integrated application's WEB-INF/classes/ folder, replacing the existing file.

We have included the above step in the upgrade instructions.

Additional file to copy for integration with JIRA 3.12.2

If you are using JIRA 3.12.2 or earlier, you will need to update JIRA's xfire libraries:

  • Remove the xfire-all-1.2.1.jar file from JIRA's WEB-INF/lib/ directory.
  • Copy the following two files from Crowd's client/lib/ directory to JIRA's WEB-INF/lib/ directory:
    • xfire-aegis-1.2.6.jar
    • xfire-core-1.2.6.jar


To upgrade to Crowd 1.4.x from 1.3.x or earlier, please follow these upgrade instructions.

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