Crowd 1.3 Upgrade Notes

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Crowd database configuration is now part of the Setup Wizard. You can choose between a JNDI datasource (i.e. server-managed) or a JDBC configuration.

(warning) If you are using CrowdID with an external database, you will still need to use the manual JNDI datasource configuration method to configure an external database connection.

Database Import

You can now import an XML backup of your Crowd database when upgrading. So you don't have to go through the whole Setup Wizard again, nor do a manual backup and restore of your Crowd database files. Full instructions are in the Upgrade Guide.

Integrated Applications

Crowd's client libraries have been slimmed down to a single JAR file containing all required classes for a Crowd client. (See CWD-767.)

(warning) Before upgrading, please remove all previous client libraries (crowd-XXXX-X.X.X.jar) from each Crowd-integrated application's WEB-INF/lib folder.

Developer Notes

Restructuring of Crowd Client Library

In Crowd 1.3, the Java client library API has been upgraded. This affects applications using the Crowd Client libraries and connectors. Read more about the Client API Changes.

Spring Configuration Upgrade for Crowd Acegi Connector

Applications using the Crowd Acegi connector will need to upgrade their Spring configuration. Refer to the updated documentation for more information.


To upgrade to Crowd 1.3.x from 1.2.x or earlier, please follow these upgrade instructions.

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