Crowd 2.0 Upgrade Notes

This document contains notes on upgrading an existing Crowd installation to Crowd 2.0. You can see the features of this release in the Crowd 2.0 Release Notes.

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アップグレード ノート

Please read the following sections and take action where the note applies to your Crowd installation, before upgrading to the new release of Crowd.

Upgrade Procedure Requires New Home Directory and Database XML Export/Import

(info) This paragraph does not apply to Crowd 2.0.4 and later. Crowd 2.0.4 provides an automatic database upgrade as well as the XML data transfer. See the Upgrade Guide.

With this release, we have redesigned Crowd's database schema. For that reason, you will need to:

  • Back up your Crowd database to XML before starting the upgrade.
  • Do a clean installation of Crowd, pointing to a new Crowd Home directory.
  • Restore your database from the XML backup as part of the setup process.

The full instructions are in our Upgrade Guide.

MySQL Database Deployment

If you are currently using a MySQL database with Crowd, we strongly recommend you follow the updated MySQL documentation and use the READ-COMMITTED transaction isolation level.

Improved Search API

This point is of interest to developers who have created custom application integrations for Crowd. You can now make use of the performance benefits and other features provided by the new search API. The details are in the JavaDocs.

Backwards-Compatible SOAP API

This point is of interest to developers who have created custom application integrations for Crowd. Even though we have made major changes to the object model in Crowd to improve performance, the SOAP API is still backwards compatible with the previous version.

Roles in Crowd now Deprecated

At present, the implementation of roles in Crowd is identical to the implementation of groups. This design does not provide much useful functionality, so we are planning to redesign the way Crowd supports roles. If you would like to help us to design better role-based access control, please add a comment to the improvement request CWD-931, letting us know how you would like to see it work.

Advance Notice: We recommend that you move away from the use of roles in your Crowd installation, so that you will not be adversely affected by the planned redesign of role functionality. For this reason, roles are now disabled by default when you create a new LDAP directory.


To upgrade to Crowd 2.0.x from 1.6.x or earlier, please follow these upgrade instructions.

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