Crowd 2.10.1 Upgrade Notes

This document contains notes on upgrading an existing Crowd installation to Crowd 2.10.1 or later. We highly recommend that you read the new features described in the Crowd 2.10.1 Release Notes.

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Please read the following sections and take action where the note applies to your Crowd installation, before upgrading to the new release of Crowd.

HTTP redirects returned by Crowd now use relative Location header

The 'Location' headers returned with 302 Found responses are now relative urls, rather than absolute ones. This is consistent with RFC 7231. Most customers shouldn't notice this change, but if you are using a custom client or proxy, that expects these urls to be absolute, you might need to reconfigure them.

Event processing inside Crowd (for plugin developers)

Some semantics regarding processing of events in Crowd during a database transaction have changed. Events published during a transaction are only published after that transaction commits, and no longer share a transaction with the event publishing. See  CWD-4740 - Getting issue details... STATUS  for more details.

New behavior for synchronizing group memberships on user authentication

Crowd 2.10.1 allows you to synchronize group memberships on log in for newly added users only.  This option synchronizes group memberships for users who have been created in the LDAP directory, but not yet synchronized to Crowd. 

This is the default behavior when creating new connector directories in Crowd 2.10.1. Existing directories are not migrated to the new behavior, but can be configured to use it, which will improve performance.

Refer to the Crowd 2.9 upgrade notes

If you have not yet upgraded to Crowd 2.9, please read the Crowd 2.9.1 upgrade notes before upgrading to Crowd 2.10.1


To upgrade to a Crowd 2.10.x release from any earlier version of Crowd, please follow these upgrade instructions.

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