Crowd 3.5 Upgrade Notes

Crowd 3.5.1

Active status and backups

While Crowd allows you to locally set the active status of users in directories without proper active status support (eg. OpenLDAP), those changes will not be stored in the backup XML. When restoring from a backup, all of those users will be subsequently reactivated. Crowd versions 3.4.6 and 3.5.1 come with the possibility to export connector users to the backup file, allowing you to preserve the active flag status after a restore. This option however will increase the size of the backup file and may require increasing Crowd’s memory limits.

For this feature to work, new backup files must be generated with the “Backup connector directories” option enabled.

Azure Active Directory timeouts

Crowd 3.4.6 adds the ability to configure request and connection timeouts for Azure Active Directory. Default timeouts will be set on existing Azure AD directories in Crowd when upgrading to Crowd 3.4.6 and 3.5.1.

Crowd 3.5.0

Introducing Atlassian Marketplace plugin

In order to use the latest feature of Centralized License Visibility in Crowd 3.5, this plugin needs to be installed in the application connected to Crowd.


To upgrade Crowd from any of the earlier versions,  follow these upgrade instructions.

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