Crowd 3.0.2 Upgrade Notes

The upgrade notes contain information about upgrading to Crowd 3.0.2. We highly recommend that you read about all the new features in the Crowd 3.0 Release Notes.


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アップグレード ノート

Before upgrading, read the following sections to make sure you're aware of all the important changes.

Tomcat GZIP compression is now disabled

Due to compatibility issues between Tomcat, zlib and Java, Crowd 3.0.2 ships with Tomcat compression disabled as a workaround. We advise to disable Tomcat compression when using the Crowd WAR distribution. As the problem is fixed in Crowd 3.1.0, Tomcat compression will be turned on in that release.


To upgrade to Crowd 3.0.2 from any earlier version, follow these upgrade instructions.

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