Site and product users

ユーザーは通常、招待メールを受けて Atlassian アカウントを作成し、サイトにログインして製品にアクセスします。

Can I edit a user's account?

As a site admin, you can’t edit a user’s account – only an organization admin can edit details for accounts that have become managed as a result of a domain verification. Learn more about organizations.

For accounts an organization doesn't manage, only the user can edit account details. See Atlassian account for users.

Perform these actions from the Users page of the site's Administration:

Click Show details to perform these actions from a user’s details page:

  • Grant the user access to your site and products. Learn more

  • Update the user’s role to basic, trusted, or site administrator.
  • Remove the user from the site. Learn more

  • Log in as the user. Learn more

  • Update roles and properties for a Jira user. Learn more

From the Jira Service Desk navigation item, you can also manage Jira Service Desk customer accounts.

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