Troubleshooting Configure Fields in Jira

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During issue creation and issue edit, the "Configure Fields" button will be shown on the top right corner of the screen, as below:

Jira < 8.22

Jira > 8.22

Up to Jira 8.21.x the screen change occurs as the fields are checked or unchecked in show Custom Fields. Starting in Jira 8.22.x the changes are only applied after clicking on Apply changes. The required fields (starred) do not provide option to be hidden. 

Known errors and hints

Users cannot view the standard Creation screen after customizing it

When users customize the Issue Creation screen it will become persistent for the user. To return the standard screen the user shall click on Configure Fields and return to show All Fields.

Checking or unchecking the fields do not change the screen

If the screen is not changed when checking or unchecking the fields go to Developer tools (F12 in Google Chrome and IE9, Ctrl+Shift+K/Alt+Cmd+I in Firefox), in Network tab check if the Request payload is being done as expected:

With that result, we have the possibilities:

The payload did not change

If the payload was not changed as expected, there may be an issue in the Javascript, requiring browser cache to be cleared.

The payload changed as expected however it was not stored in database

If the payload changed as expected, showing the fields the screen should present, consult the database to validate if it was stored correctly:

select *
from app_user e,
propertyentry pr,
propertytext pt
where e.lower_user_name = '<Replace_with_specific_user_lower_user_name>'
and pr.entity_id =
and =
and pr.property_key = 'jira.quick.create.fields'

From the query result, if the payload is correct without modifying the database, check if there is any block to the "rest/quickedit/1.0/userpreferences/edit" to run. As example if for proxy is present, bypass proxy to check if the modification can be placed, if yes resolve any block in the network/server.

The payload changed as expected and the information was stored in database

If the payload changed as expected, showing the fields the screen should present, and the database stored the data correctly, verify if there is any javascript blocking the screen to change.

Consult "How to find User's "Configure Fields" custom settings using database query" for more details.


説明Information about Configure Fields on the create issue screen.

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