FishEye 2.5 Release Notes

2011 年 2 月 8 日

With great pleasure, Atlassian presents FishEye 2.5, providing vastly improved source code searching and DVCS authentication.


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Highlights of FishEye 2.5


Search Revamp

FishEye's Quick Search functionality has been redesigned from the ground up. Among the improvements:

  • Faster search breaking out results by content type
  • Improved layout for easier scanning
  • Smarter search results with results prioritized to the top by modified time
  • For each path, view the top three most recent branches with a modification of that file

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Redesigned Activity Stream

We have spent a considerable amount of time improving the FishEye activity stream:

  • Cleaner visual design
  • Larger avatars
  • Improved scanability
  • De-cluttering of UI elements, showing actions on hover
  • Space-saving condensed mode so you can see more changesets on the same page
  • Embedded images are thumbnailed

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Mercurial and Git Authentication

We have added http(s) and ssh authentication for Git and Mercurial repositories, allowing you to more easily browse your private repositories hosted on popular sites such as GitHub and BitBucket. FishEye now supports http authentication with passwords and ssh using public/private keypairs. You can let FishEye generate a pair and upload the public key to your hosting provider or upload a private key (passphraseless only) to FishEye if you prefer.

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RSS Improvements

FishEye 2.5 introduces some fine tuning for rendered RSS feeds. RSS content is easier to digest (better titles) and allows you to consume FishEye activity through your favorite RSS reader. We render wiki-markup in RSS which will allow you to click through links and view images inline.


Improved Header

FishEye 2.5 tracks locations that you have recently visited, and provides quick and easy access to navigate to these resources. The five most recently viewed repositories, projects, users and reviews (if Crucible is installed) are available from the header drop down links as shown:



Visit our issue tracker to see the full list of improvements and bug fixes in FishEye and Crucible for this release.

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