FishEye 1.5 Release Notes


2008 年 4 月 15 日

For details on minor releases since FishEye 1.5, see the FishEye Changelog.

Atlassian presents FishEye 1.5

FishEye release 1.5 is a major release that adds the ability to present historical, per-author line count information. This new suite of graphs show how much each user has contributed to the code base, over time.

Highlights of this release:

Upgrading to FishEye 1.5

You can now download FishEye from here. If upgrading from a previous version, please follow the Upgrade Guide.

Highlights of FishEye 1.5

Per-author lines of code statistics

Statistics for lines of code is now broken down per-author, providing an all-new level of detail. This allows you to see how many lines of code were contributed to your project by each author, over time.

(warning) This requires changing a setting and re-scanning existing repositories. See the FishEye upgrade guide for more information.

Screenshot: FishEye Per-Author Line Count Chart

Charting improvements

The line graphs in FishEye have been improved, providing a better view of lines of code statistics from your project, as well as showing how this has grown.

Screenshot: FishEye Charts Tab

Screenshot: FishEye Chart Examples

Customizable email templates

You can now customize the content and appearance of email notifications that are sent to FishEye users. For example you can append a legal disclaimer, alter the subject line or provide custom header text for all messages.

Numerous improvements and bug-fixes

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