FishEye 2.8 release notes

15th August 2012

Atlassian is proud to present FishEye 2.8, which provides a variety of social features as well as performance improvements.

See the change log for FishEye 2.8.x minor releases.


Providing feedback:

Please log your votes and issues. They help us decide what needs doing, and are much appreciated!



In FishEye 2.8 you can notify other users in a changeset discussion, review comment or snippet comment by using mentions. To mention someone, simply type @ and then the person's name (not their username) and choose from the suggestions that FishEye offers. FishEye sends a notification to that person, so they know that you have mentioned them.




Share a changeset, a review, or a source repository with other members of your team, quickly and easily from where you are working. Just click the Share button at the top, enter their name, username or email address and add a cheery comment. FishEye sends an email.



Improved performance of the activity stream

The activity streams throughout FishEye (such as the commits and review activity, and on the dashboard) have an improved user experience due to faster speed and infinite scroll (that replaces paging).


Support for Subversion 1.7

FishEye now supports Subversion 1.7 (although not with a native SVN client).


End of life announcements

  • ClearCase
    As previously announced, IBM ClearCase is no longer supported in Fisheye 2.8.
  • Internally managed repositories
    On August 13th 2013 we are ending support for internally managed repositories. Read more about this.
  • JIRA activity stream
    We've removed JIRA information from the activity stream in order to simplify the user experience and improve the performance of FishEye. Please note that all other JIRA integration features still remain in FishEye.


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The FishEye 2.8 team

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Core team

Geoff Crain
Tom Davies
Brendan Humphreys
Conor MacNeill
Richard Stephens

Team lead

Nick Pellow 


Sten Pittet

Project manager

Anton Mazkovoi


Ajay Sridhar
Armen Khachatryan
Daniel Rohan
Douglas Fabretti
Felipe Kraemer
Gurleen Anand
Renan Battaglin
Rene Verschoor
Zed Yap

Patrick Hill



Product marketing

Giancarlo Lionetti
Jeff Park

Quality assurance

George Filippoff
Mark Hrynczak

テクニカル ライティング

Paul Watson


James Fleming

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