FishEye 2.3 Release Notes

2010 年 5 月 26 日

For details on minor releases since FishEye 2.3, see the FishEye Changelog.

Atlassian presents FishEye 2.3

FishEye 2.3 brings support for Mercurial, the distributed version control system. It also delivers a brand-new installation wizard, for seamless initial setup.


Thank you for your interest in FishEye 2.3.

See the documentation on Upgrading to this version.

Installing FishEye 2.3

Download FishEye 2.3 now.  See the documentation on Upgrading to this version.

Highlights of FishEye 2.3


Mercurial SCM Alpha

FishEye 2.3 adds alpha support for Mercurial repositories. Atlassian is providing early access to this functionality for our customers. There are still a few kinks to be worked out, but it provides full access to FishEye.

Screenshot: A Mercurial Repository in Action

See the documentation for more details.


New 'Aggregate' functions in EyeQL query language

EyeQL, FishEye's sophisticated query language has become much more powerful with the addition of new aggregating functions. These allow you to quickly gather statistics such as counts, maximums, minimums and averages across the following:

  • Lines added or removed,
  • Authors,
  • Changesets,
  • Tags,
  • Reviews (and more).

Screenshot: New EyeQL Functions

These data points can be calculated across your whole query result, or grouped by changeset, file or directory. When you're browsing the results, you can click in the results area to see the relevant group contents on an item.

Screenshot: FishEye Group Contents Dialog

See the EyeQL documentation for more information.


Revamped Installation Process

FishEye's installation process has been given a thorough revision and a visual facelift. It's now smoother, faster and provides a better experience.

Screenshot: FishEye's New Installation Screen


Numerous improvements and bug fixes

Visit our issue tracker to see the full list of improvements and bug fixes.

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