FishEye 1.6 Release Notes


2008 年 9 月 23 日

For details on minor releases since FishEye 1.6, see the FishEye Changelog.

Atlassian presents FishEye 1.6

FishEye release 1.6 is a major release that adds functional and performance improvements. FishEye 1.6 has a faster, more powerful Quick Search which includes change indexing. It also now supports assigning adminstration privileges to user accounts or groups. This new FishEye is faster, containing both tune-ups of the core code as well as new features enhancing use in teams. Finally, there's also been additions made to the technology powering FishEye extensions, for third-party developers.


Upgrading to FishEye 1.6

You can now download FishEye from here. If upgrading from a previous version, please follow the Upgrade Guide.

Highlights of FishEye 1.6

FishEye Search Enhancements

FishEye now indexes the content of every commit. This enables searching on all content in your Subversion, Perforce or CVS repository. Furthermore, you can search for added or deleted content. Read more.


FishEye's Quick Search has been completely rewritten for better accuracy and performance; Quick Search results are now returned instantaneously regardless of the repository size. Result types are better weighted to increase their relevance. Results have content preview with hit highlighting and are properly weighted, taking the date into account. Changeset results are returned based on content modifications, additions and deletions. FishEye now indexes the full content of every commit and will return changesets for content hits. Path and filename search is now an order of magnitude faster on large repositories. Finally, support for keywords in search enables you to quickly get the result you are looking for. For example, entering cs:1902 will take you straight to changeset 1902.

Screenshot: Improved FishEye Quick Search

General Search

You can now search specifically for added and deleted content. This enables you to quickly find when code was deleted or modified. For instance, you can search for a method name to find out what it was previously called.

Advanced Search and EyeQL

All of the improvements made to Quick Search and General Search are available when using Advanced Search and EyeQL.

Multiple Admin Users

FishEye now allows the Administrator to grant other FishEye users Admin status. These Admin Users can also carry out any of the tasks that may have required the Administrator password. Admin privileges can be conferred using built-in or external directory group membership. Read more.

Screenshot: FishEye Admin Users

Remote API Improvements

Enhancing the Remote API, the FishEye team have incorporated a maxreturns option, which lets you control the quantity of returned results. Also the range of functions is extended with the new ancestor return clause and history search items. Finally, Perforce data is now exposed in the remote API, allowing Perforce jobs to be accessed via remote API calls. Read more.

Changes to Charts

FishEye 1.6 has a new change chart type. The change chart shows relative net line activity for a period. It is intended to give a quick "zoomed in" view of activity by extension, author, or subdirectory for a short period. Change charts start from a linecount of 0 at the start date for comparative purposes. Read more.

Screenshot: FishEye's Change Chart

Perforce Performance Tweaks

Perforce users can now specify a changelist to start scanning from. For some users, this will dramatically improve indexing time and runtime performance by ignoring irrelevant historical data. This is achieved with one simple configuration option called 'skip labels'.

Numerous improvements and bug-fixes

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