Confluence の編集の改善点

What's changing, and why? 

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on a series of improvements that focuses on the content creation and editing experience. We’ve pored through hundreds of customer requests, feedback, and tickets. We’ve tested design after design. And we’re finally ready to release an updated editing experience that is:

  • Clean: A modern design that gives your work the space to shine (and you, the space to think)

  • Consistent: Standardized features, shortcuts, and experiences, so there’s less to learn, and it’s faster to master

  • Powerful: New integrations and templates to help you do more with your time

We hope this will help you - and any new members of your team - get up and running with Confluence fast, creating pages that look better and are easier to read (even on other devices), and feeling confident about the content you’re creating. 

When will I see this?

Right now

For most customers, you’ll see this new editing experience when you create a new blog post or meeting notes. We've also made the new editing experience available as a template, so you can try it out and familiarize yourself with it in your own time. 

When will this replace the current editing experience?

We'll be starting to release this to all pages - that is, replacing the current editing experience - in late Feb, but this will be a gradual roll out, going out to only a small number of sites at a time.

We'll give you at least 6 weeks notice before this rolls out to your site, so keep an eye out for emails and in-app notifications. We're starting with smaller, simpler sites first, before moving onto more active, complex sites. 

After this point, any new pages you create, as well as any existing pages that you edit will use this new experience. Incompatible pages - that is, pages that have content that doesn’t work in the new experience - will continue to open in the old editing experience.

I want this now, for all my pages

You can opt in for an early release and if your site is eligible (we'll let you know), we can turn this on for you right now. 

New and updated features
This is what's out so far, but there's more to come. Questions? Feedback? Let us know on Community and we'll help you out. 

Simple, flexible layouts featuring columns and individually resizable content

We’ve changed how layouts work to give you more granular control and more predictable results across different screen sizes.

  • Pages are now fixed-width by default, which means your content will look the same regardless of what screen it’s viewed on. 
  • When you need multiple columns, add a column macro, choosing between 2- or 3-column configurations. 
  • Control how each individual column, macro, and table is displayed, choosing to keep them fixed-width, or have them adjust according to screen size using the wide or full-width options. 

Better content handling with updates for readability


  • Fixed-width layouts are set at a line length that’s optimized for readability.

  • New fonts have been chosen for optical precision and improved legibility at smaller sizes, with wider tracking and larger negative spaces.

  • Line heights have been increased as per accessibility guidelines so it's easier to track a line of text.

  • The padding around macros and images has been increased to prevent content from crowding together.

What you see is (actually) what you get - featuring live macro previews

We’ve done away with page previews - instead, your page now looks the same while editing as it does when it’s published. That means the same formatting, same layouts, and most importantly, the grey macro placeholders have been replaced by live macro previews. 

Updated keyboard shortcuts, autocomplete, and full Markdown support

Instead of remembering different autocomplete shortcuts for different types of content, you now need to remember only one: the slash command. Type / to open a list of macros and other content that you can add to your page as you go. 

Keyboard shortcuts have also been updated to be the same as industry standards, so many of our keyboard shortcuts will now be the same as in the other apps you use. To see the full list, type CMD + / (Mac) or CTRL + / (Windows).

For those of you who prefer using markup languages, you can type or paste in Markdown, and we’ll convert it into fully formatted content as you go.

Markdown shortcuts

Markdown syntax















Heading 1


Heading 2


Heading 3


Heading 4


Heading 5


Heading 6












Horizontal rule


Horizontal rule





Consolidated features and contextual controls

We’ve cleaned up the toolbars and consolidated features so there’s less to distract you, and if you’re new to Confluence, it’s easier to learn the basics.

Options that apply to a single feature, like all the table controls or image options, now appear in context - either in floating menus or in the feature itself. That means you don’t see them until you need them, and when you do need them, everything’s right there without you having to search.

Responsive images

Images now resize to a grid, which lets you set an image size in relation to your page. Then, if you view the page on a different-sized screen, the image will also resize to maintain the same proportions. You can change an image’s size by dragging the handles at its sides.


No need to search or go elsewhere - table options are now all in context.

  • Borders: Add or remove rows and columns

  • Floating menu: Add a numbered column, or a header row or column

  • Dropdown: Cell level actions like changing the background color or merging cells

  • Arrows: Change the table’s width


Code blocks now have line numbers, indentation support, and bracket autocompletion - so you can type your code directly into Confluence, format it neatly, and keep track of each line.

(info) To add a code block, choose  from the toolbar > code block or do it in markdown by typing ``` when you're editing a page.

インデント ショートカット





+ ]

Ctrl + ]


+ [

Ctrl - [




インデント レベルの維持

filename フィールドに

filename フィールドに

Full suite of unicode emojis and custom emoji uploads

We've added the full suite of unicode emojis to Confluence, as well as the ability to upload your own. Now, when words just aren't enough, try one of these instead: 😵 🥨 👏🏾 😍

New templates! (And updates to existing templates)

You now have 4 new templates, each featuring formatted content, instructional text, and relevant macros to help you get your work done without having to start from scratch.

Existing templates have also gotten a facelift, and there’ll be more templates coming in the future. Check them all out in the template gallery


  • Capture decisions as they're made by creating them on a Confluence page:

    1. ディシジョンを作成するには、「<>」と入力します。

    2. 「チームのスタンドアップ時間が午前 10 時になりました」など、決定を記録します。

    3. 情報を共有したいチームメイトに @ メンションすると、通知が送信されます。

  • The link modal has been replaced with an inline link browser. Select the text you want to link, click the icon from the toolbar, and paste in the URL you want to link to.

  • Actions are the new name for tasks. These work exactly the same as tasks have in the past, but have been given a facelift to make them more visually distinctive. Actions assigned to you will show up in your profile, under your task list.


The anchor macro is temporarily unavailable, but there are two workarounds for this:

  1. Add a table of contents macro to your page, as this automatically generates anchor links for each page header.
    To find those links, right-click (or on mobile, long-press) any of the headers in the table of contents, and copy the link address. 

  2. Anchors are automatically generated for each page header.
    To link to one, use the page URL followed by #pagename-headingtex
    Note: heading text is case sensitive and must be entered without spaces.
    For example, to link to the New and updated features section on this page, we would add #ConfluenceEditingImprovements-Newandupdatedfeatures to the page URL, like so:



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