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2019 年 12 月 3 日

We're pleased to announce the release of Portfolio for Jira 3.16.


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Learn more about Portfolio for Jira 3.x

New to Portfolio 3.x? Check out this article to learn more. If you have any pressing questions, get them answered in Community.

Sort issues by estimate

Want to know how your teams are progressing with the bigger chunks of work in your plan? Try sorting your issues by estimate so you can quickly see the progress of these larger pieces at a glance.

Note: The Story Points field is only available for Plans linked to Scrum Projects.

Learn more at Displaying issue details.

Feature enhancements

We're all about streamlining your planning process, so here are a few more enhancements we've been working on:

Easier user selection in more places

In the last release, we've set about making it easier to distinguish between similarly named users when selecting assignees. This improvement is now available in two more locations — the teams tab and the bulk actions menu.

Users sorted and grouped for easy assignment

We've now grouped users to display currently assigned users first, followed by all other users in the plan. This means that anyone currently assigned to any issues in the plan will be displayed at the top, for easy picking.

If you need to search for a user, the results will be displayed alphabetically in both user groups, as shown below.


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