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2019 年 8 月 13 日

We're pleased to announce the release of Portfolio for Jira 3.8.



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Portfolio for Jira Server team

More capacity details in Kanban

You can now view more capacity details for Kanban iterations, like the number of hours that have been completed against the team's weekly capacity. This helps you monitor how much work your Kanban teams take on each week, and ultimately helps you distribute work more effectively.

Capacity details for a Kanban iteration

Sorting issues in a plan

You can now sort issues in a plan by target start dates or target end dates, in ascending or descending order. This helps you quickly find and organize issues with upcoming start dates or deadlines. 

As this is our first iteration at issue sorting, let us know how you'd typically sort issues by clicking the give feedback button in your plan. 

Sort by settings of a plan

Issues sorted by ascending target start dates

New assignee filter

You can now filter for issues assigned to specific users in a plan. This can help you see how much work someone in your team is taking on, and quickly shuffle work around if need be.

Sample issues filtered by assignee

Sprint date configuration

Previously, if an issue didn't have target dates, but was assigned to a sprint, the issue would automatically inherit the sprint dates for its start and end dates in the plan. We're now giving you that extra level of control over your data, and letting you choose whether or not these sprint dates should be used as issue dates in the plan.

Settings for using sprint dates when issues don't have target dates

Feature enhancements

We've been doing a bit of gardening and made the following enhancements:

  • If you're displaying the sprint column in your plan, the names of any completed sprints will now be displayed in grayed out text. This helps you track down completed sprint work faster.
  • We've added user avatars so it's easier for you to spot the correct user when configuring plan permissions. These avatars are complemented with corresponding email addresses as well.


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