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 December 17 2019

We're pleased to announce the release of Portfolio for Jira 3.17.


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Coming up on your maintenance or license renewal window? Check out our version history to see how far Portfolio has come and let that weigh in on your decision. Click here to renew your active software maintenance.

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New to Portfolio 3.x? Check out this article to learn more. If you have any pressing questions, get them answered in Community.

New ways to sort issues

We've added more ways for you to sort issues, specifically sorting by priority, assignees, and teams.

Want to quickly check which issues are of the highest priority in your plan? Sort your issues by priority and quickly see how the high priority issues are tracking.

Issues sorted by priority

Want to make sure work is evenly distributed across your teams or team members? Sort your issues by teams or assignees and see if anyone or any team is taking on too much (or too little).

Issues sorted by assignee

Issues sorted by team

Learn more at Sorting issues.

Feature enhancement

Previously, rolled-up values would be cut off even if there's more than enough space to begin with.

Sample rolled-up values being cut off

We've fixed that up in this release, so you'll see the rolled-up values in full where there's enough space.

Sample rolled-up values no longer cut off


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