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2019 年 6 月 19 日

We're pleased to announce the release of Portfolio for Jira 3.4.



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Portfolio for Jira Server team

Improvements on dependency scheduling

You can now configure how dependent issues are scheduled in your plan — whether the dependent issues can or cannot be worked on at the same time. Check out Scheduling to know more.

Sample settings for scheduling dependencies

Also, when you're auto-scheduling your plan, the lead time that appears in the dependency details is now an auto-scheduled value. The lead time value displaying is the new value that will be updated once the suggested changes are accepted.

プランが自動スケジュールされている場合の依存関係のリード タイムの例

Quick filtering for dependent issues

Click the filter link so you can quickly filter for the dependent issues that you need to focus on. See Managing dependencies to know more.

Quick filtering for issues by sprints

You can now quickly filter for issues by sprints by using the sprint filter in the roadmap, or by using the sprint filter link when you're viewing sprint details.

Sprint filter in the roadmap view

Sprint filter when viewing sprint details

Plan access changes

The following are now able to access any private plans in Portfolio for Jira:

  • Users with the Portfolio for Jira administrator permission
  • Users with the Jira administrators global permission, since these users are automatically made Portfolio for Jira administrators
  • Jira 管理者
  • システム管理者

See Permissions in Portfolio for Jira and Managing global permissions for more details.


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