Bitbucket Data Center および Server 8.13 リリース ノート

2023 年 8 月 15 日

Introducing Bitbucket Data Center and Server 8.13. This release is packed with multiple security boosters and user experience improvements – from support for AWS Secrets Manager to video viewing from pull requests.


Commit signature at a glance: Identifying signed and unsigned commits


While signing commits with GPG keys have been available in Bitbucket Server and Data Center, you can now check if a commit has a verified signature or not on the Commits page. A quick glance at the page will help you find signed and unsigned commits and identify their authors. So you can monitor the security of commits at a glance and timely react to any suspicious changes to your code.

A dedicated icon beside a commit hash will inform you about a signature:

  • The Commit signature verified tick icon indicates that a commit has a verified signature. If you click on the icon, the information about the author and their key will show up.
  • The Commit signature not verified warning icon indicates that the commit has been signed but the signature can’t be verified. In this case, an admin should check the signature and decide if the commit is safe.
  • If there’s no icon, it means that the commit hasn’t been signed.
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Administrators can enforce signed commits for projects and repositories by enabling the Verify Commit Signature pre-receive hook.

In the following screenshot, check the updates to the Commits page.

Updated Commits page

Learn more about the verification of commit signatures

Support of security keys for Git over SSH


We now support the ED25519-SK and ECDSA-SK SSH keys designed to work with FIDO2/U2F hardware authenticators like YubiKey, SoloKey, etc.

Security keys are a safer substitute for passwords or traditional SSH keys to protect your code, offering a reliable way to improve your security posture and implement multifactor authentication for Git operations.

To start using ED25519-SK or ECDSA-SK, you need to create a public and private key pair, as for any other SSH key type. The difference is that the private key file isn’t stored on your computer, but references the private key stored on the FIDO2/U2F hardware authenticator.

For every Git operation, a Git client will ask a user to touch the hardware key to confirm their physical presence. Even if the private key file is stolen from the computer, it’ll be useless without pairing the hardware key.

Learn more about how to create the new security keys

Search for projects quickly by their names


On the Projects page, you can now use the filter to find a project you want by its name. No more need for quick search or page scrolling!

Filtering projects by name

Stream video files with a built-in video player


With a new built-in video player, you don’t need to download video attachments to your computer anymore. Just hit Play in the player and videos will be streamed directly to your browser. We support the mp4, mov, and webm formats.

Stream video files with a built-in player

Use AWS Secrets Manager to manage Bitbucket configuration


Avoid storing plaintext values in product configuration files and rest assured that Bitbucket Data Center is protected from any credentials leakage. Bitbucket Data Center 8.13 now supports AWS Secrets Manager as an additional encryption method that system administrators can use to protect the values in the file.

Learn more about how to use AWS Secrets Manager in Bitbucket

Improvements to the support zip creation


In this release, we’ve revamped the process of creating a support zip in the Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support Tools (ATST) app. The Create a support zip page got a new design and enhanced functionality:

  • Users are now able to pick one of 4 file size limitation options (25/100/500 MB per file)

  • Added an option to select logs based on the last file modification date: any time, today, or in the past 3/5/10 days

  • The default maximum file size is now 100 MB per file

  • Added new API parameters to support File modification date and Maximum file size options

  • After creating a zip, the customization preferences are saved and shared across the instance

Support zip updates

  1. Verify the contents of your zip file.

  2. zip ファイルの中身をカスタマイズします。

  3. このノードで新しいサポート zip を作成します。

Learn more about creating a support zip

Bitbucket 8.13.6 security enhancement: App upload through UPM and REST API disabled by default

In Bitbucket Data Center 8.18.0, two ways of app installation through UPM (the Universal Plugin Manager) became disabled by default:

  • with the Upload app button on the Manage apps page
  • with the REST API

We've also backported this change to Bitbucket 8.13.6. So in Bitbucket 8.13.6 and all the next bugfix releases of Bitbucket 8.13.x, you can install new apps only by selecting the Install button on the Find new apps page. This limitation prevents unwanted uploads of potentially malicious files to your Bitbucket instance. 

If you need to enable app installation with the Upload app button on the Manage apps page or with the REST API, set the following property in the file:


If app installation from files and through the REST API is an integral part of your workflow, we strongly recommend setting the relevant property to enable it prior to the upgrade.

If you decide to enable the feature after the upgrade, make sure to restart your instance for the changes to take effect.

If you run a Bitbucket cluster, a rolling restart is enough to pick up the configuration properties you set to enable the features.

8.13 にアップグレードする前に


H2 データベース移行の要件

H2 データベース ドライバは、現在の最新バージョン 2.2.220 にアップグレードされました。アップグレードにより、データのセキュリティが強化されました。

If you’re upgrading to Bitbucket 8.8 and later or Mesh 1.5 and later, you’ll need to migrate the data manually to the upgraded Bitbucket or Mesh instance if:

  • ミラーを利用している場合

  • Bitbucket Server を H2 データベースで利用している場合

  • Bitbucket Mesh をセットアップ済みの場合

H2 データベースの移行方法を確認


以前のバージョンからのアップグレードをご検討の場合、アップグレード ガイドアップグレード マトリクスをご参照ください。また、アクティブなソフトウェア メンテナンス ライセンスが更新済みであることをご確認ください。 


バージョン 7.0 以降の新しいプル リクエスト エクスペリエンスの一環として、1 ページで確認できる新機能の一覧である「コード レビュー ワークフローの強化」ページをご用意しました。


Bitbucket Server 8.13.6 で解決済みの課題 

2024 年 2 月 7 日にリリース

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Bitbucket Server 8.13.5 で解決済みの課題 

2024 年 1 月 8 日にリリース

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Bitbucket Server 8.13.4 で解決済みの課題 

2023 年 12 月 11 日にリリース

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Bitbucket Server 8.13.3 で解決済みの課題 

2023 年 11 月 13 日にリリース

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Bitbucket Server 8.13.2 で解決済みの課題

2023 年 10 月 8 日にリリース

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Bitbucket Server 8.13.1 で解決済みの課題

2023 年 9 月 11 日にリリース

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Bitbucket Server 8.13.0 で解決済みの課題

2023 年 8 月 15 日にリリース済み

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