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This page describes how to configure a Bamboo task to run NUnit tests, and then parse the test results.


  • .NET builder tasks in Bamboo (e.g. NAnt) do not parse test information as part of the task. You must configure a test task (e.g. MSTest Parser, NUnit Parser), if you want test results from the builder task to be parsed.


To configure a NUnit Runner task:

  1. Navigate to the Tasks configuration tab for the job (this will be the default job if creating a new plan).
  2. Click the name of an existing NUnit Runner task, or click Add Task and then NUnit Runner to create a new task.
  3. タスク設定の更新

    タスクの説明 A description of the task, which gets displayed in Bamboo.
    Disable this task Check, or clear, to selectively run this task.
    実行可能ファイル The NUnit Runner executable that is available to perform the task. The executable that you select will become one of the task's (and so, the job's) requirements.
    You can add other executables, if required.
    NUnit Test Files The name of an assembly (.dll), Visual Studio project (.csproj), or NUnit Test Suite (.nunit) to test. See
    結果ファイル名 The name to be used for the XML results file.
    Tests to Run The name of the test case, test fixture or namespace to run.
    Test Categories to Include テストの実行に含めるテスト カテゴリをカンマ区切りで1つ以上指定します。
    Test Categories to Exclude Specify one or more test categories, separated by commas, to be excluded from the test run. Exclusions take precedence over inclusions.
    Command Line Options Specify any command line options or switches you wish to include when running NUnit.
    環境変数 ビルドに渡す追加の環境変数。例: JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx256m -Xms128m"
  4. 保存をクリックします。

For more information on NUnit, see


Last modified on Apr 28, 2014





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