Deleting the results of a plan build


If the results of a plan builds are no longer required, you can completely remove the them from your Bamboo system. The results include all the results of all job builds that were processed as part of an individual plan build (with a specific build number).Note that you can also remove job build result data that reaches a particular age. See Configuring global expiry or Configuring expiry of a plan's job build results for more information.



To delete the result of a plan build:

  1. ダッシュボードをクリックし、すべてのプラン タブをクリックします。
  2. In the list of plans, click the name of the desired plan.
  3. Click the History tab. A table of completed plan build results will be displayed, with the most recent builds at the top.
  4. Locate the desired build result and click Delete. (see screenshot below).
  5. Confirm the deletion. The plan build result and any artifacts generated as a result of the plan build's execution will be deleted.

Screenshot: Build history of a plan showing individual plan build results

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