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Bamboo transmits logs from agents to the server by default. Excessive logging is known to cause serious performance problems, including build result processing timing out, turning build grey. Since Bamboo 7.1, it is possible to turn live log transmission off.

In Bamboo, live logs are enabled by default. When you disable live logs transmission the following happens:

  • Build logs are transmitted from an agent only if the build logs page is visible. If the page is closed or ignored, the agent will stop transmitting logs after 30s.
  • Build logs are not immediately persisted to the disk on Bamboo server. When the build ends, the build logs are transferred using the same method that is used for transferring artifacts between remote agents and Bamboo server.
  • Build logs are still persisted to the disk on the agent. If an agent fails to complete the build for any reason, the logs won't be transmitted and they will be available only on the agent file system. Bamboo will not retry to transmit the logs if agent process is abruptly terminated or Build Resiliency feature is not available.

  • While the build is in progress, the build logs can have gaps.
  • Logs are not available for downloading while the build is in progress.
  • The method of transferring logs as artifacts is used regardless if live logs are on. If the live logs are on, the partial logs are persisted on-the-fly on the server and replaced with the content of the full logs, once the build finishes.
  • If agent completes the build but fails to transmit the logs to the server, it will retry the transmission as long as configuration of Build Resiliency allows it.

To disable live logs transmission

  1. Go to  > Plans.
  2. From the left-hand side column, select Build monitoring.
  3. Clear the Transmit logs live for all build and deployments checkbox.   

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