Bamboo 権限

Bamboo provides the following types of permissions to allow fully customizable control of access to the continuous delivery workflow:

  • グローバル権限
  • Build plan permissions
  • プロジェクト権限
  • デプロイメント権限
    • Deployment project permissions
    • Deployment environment permissions

Permissions key:

(tick) - Permission is set by default

(star) - Permission is available as an option

(error) - Permission not available, even as an option

On this page:

Starting from Bamboo version 6.2, permissions become additive. Once you’re assigned permissions on any level, you'll automatically have permissions on lower levels. You can’t override or remove permissions on lower levels. For example, if you have Create permission of a global level, you can create plans on all levels. Another example, if you have Build permission assigned to you on a project level and none assigned on the plan level explicitly, you will still have build permissions for that plan anyhow.

Some permissions are available for Bamboo DC only. They're marked with DATA CENTER flag.


Global permissions level control the ability to view the system, create a new build plan and use administration tools. Global application permissions are accessed from the Global permissions page within the Bamboo administration pages.

User typeアクセス作成Create repositoryRestricted admin管理


  • Access - log in to Bamboo; this permissions does not give you any additional permission. 
  • Create - create new plans, projects and deployment projects in Bamboo. 
  • Create repository - create and manage linked repositories.
  • Restricted admin - perform some administration operations and view all plans in Bamboo; this role excludes permissions that directly influence the host on which the Bamboo Server is located, however, all plan administration and agent administration is available to restricted admins.
  • Admin - perform all operations and view all plans in Bamboo.

Build plan permissions

Build plan permissions allow a user to control access to the functions of the build plan. These include viewing, editing, building, cloning and administering a build plan. Build plan level permissions are accessed from the build plan configuration page. 

ユーザー表示編集View configurationBuildClone管理


  • View - view the plan and its builds; when creating a new plan, check the  Allow all users to view this plan to allow anonymous and logged-in users view your plan.
  • View configuration - view the configuration of the plan and its jobs. DATA CENTER
  • Edit - view and edit the configuration of the plan and its jobs, not including permissions or stages.
  • Build - trigger a manual build, or suspend and resume the plan.
  • Clone - clone the plan.
  • Admin - edit all aspects of the plan including permissions and stages.


Starting from Bamboo 6.9, to access any plans in a project you must have the View permission granted. Without the project View permission, you won't be able to see, run, or administer any plans.

Project permissions allow you to control access to project permissions and settings. See Configuring project permissions.

ユーザー表示Create planCreate repository管理


  • View - access the project and plans or repositories for the project
  • Create plan - create plans for the project

  • Create repository - create repository for the project. DATA CENTER
  • Admin

    • manage permissions for the project

    • manage permissions for all plans in a project

    • change project settings


Bamboo's deployments features allow you to control permissions for both deployment projects and deployment environments.


ユーザー表示View configuration編集


  • View - view the project and its associated environments.
  • View configuration - view the project configuration. DATA CENTER 
  • Edit - edit the project, its related plan and environment configuration, and create releases.

Deployment environments

ユーザー表示View configuration編集デプロイ


  • View - view the environment. You must also have view permission on the deployment project.
  • View configuration - view the environment configuration. DATA CENTER
  • Edit - edit the environment configuration.
  • Deploy - deploy releases to this environment and create releases for this project.

Permission dependencies

To ensure the consistency of Bamboo permissions, starting with Bamboo 6.3, we provide an update mechanism which will fix all inconsistencies for all permissions in your Bamboo environment. We have also modified all the pages where you can edit permissions in a way which won’t allow granting inconsistent or clashing permissions in the future.

If you want to revoke a lower-level permission for a user, you must revoke the higher-level permissions first. Also, when granting a higher-level permission to a user, all relevant lower-level permissions will be granted automatically to that user.

Permission consistency might still be broken when using third-party plugins.

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