Jira 9.4 への準備

This documentation is intended for Jira developers who want to ensure that their existing apps are compatible with Jira 9.4

8.x から 9.x へのアップグレードでは Jira の完全な再インデックスがトリガーされるため、プロセス中にダウンタイムが発生します。現在 8.x をご利用の場合、ダウンタイムを予測したうえでアップグレードに最適な時間枠を選ぶようにしてください。




ここでは最新の EAP についての情報をご案内します。

Application/Date Number (番号)バージョン (Maven)ダウンロード

Jira Core/Software




Source files (Core)

Source files (Software)

Jira Service Management




ソース ファイル


Jira 9.4 is a Long Term Support (LTS) release. It contains all features introduced since the last LTS version, Jira 8.20, and provides fixes for known issues in this version. In this LTS EAP release, you can test your applications to make sure they run smoothly and are ready for the upgrade.

Go to the Long Term Support release upgrade guide

Event handlers are now executed in isolation

We’ve isolated the execution of event handlers that are registered at jira/util/events and jQuery onReady handlers. Errors from the attached event handlers are now logged separately in the Developer Console.

By introducing these changes, we make the Jira frontend more error-resilient and improve the interface stability, even if there’s an error in some part of the application:

  • users should still be able to work in the app
  • it’s now easier for Jira admins to pinpoint those errors as they occur


Both the Jira code and apps code are commonly used in two places:

  • Jira Events (e.g. NEW_CONTENT_ADDED event)
  • jQuery onReady handlers

Before the introduced changes, an error in one handler would stop the execution of any subsequent handler in the chain.

As we’ve isolated the execution of event handers in jira/util/events and jQuery onReady handlers, every error is now logged and visible in the Developer Console, no longer affecting the execution of next handlers.


These changes have no impact on your apps' code and don’t require any changes on your side.

最終更新日 2022 年 11 月 11 日


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