Jira 8.9 への準備

This documentation is intended for Jira developers who want to ensure that their existing apps are compatible with Jira 8.9. 



ここでは最新の EAP についての情報をご案内します。

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In this section we'll provide an overview of the changes we intend to make in Jira 8.9, so you can start thinking how it might impact your apps. Once they're ready, we'll indicate when a change has been implemented, and in which milestone. 

More statuses on the Cluster monitoring page

Status: IMPLEMENTED (eap 01)

We've added more info to the Cluster monitoring page available in Jira Data Center. Now, apart from viewing the ID, and uptime information, you'll get the node status (active, no heartbeat, offline) and Jira status (maintenance, error, running, starting). You can use this data to track and remove stale nodes and fix the failing ones in your cluster. 

バージョン ビューの読み込み速度を上げるのに役立つ新しい API

Status: IMPLEMENTED (eap 01)

To help the Versions view in project settings load faster and avoid possible timeouts on large instances, we have changed the endpoint it called. 

Now, instead of .../release/allversions we use GET /rest/projects/1.0/project/<project_key>/release/allversions-nodetails to return the list of all project versions together with their data such as their name, status, or description (except the progress data). Archived versions are also returned. 

We also changed the way the information about the number of issues in each status category (To do, In progress, Done) related to each version is returned. This data, collectively known as Progress, is now lazy-loaded as the page is scrolled and uses a separate new endpoint. 

The old endpoint is still working however, will not be used by the releases including and following Jira 7.13.14, 8.5.5, 8.8.1 and 8.9. 

New endpointData it retrieves



List of project versions and their data
POST /rest/projects/1.0/project/<project_key>/release/details/progressProgress for each version

This is not a breaking change. 

Brand new Velocity Chart

Status: IMPLEMENTED (eap 01)

Jira 8.9 brings a brand new Velocity Chart, available for Scrum boards. The chart made its first appearance a long time ago, and it finally got the much needed love.

The new chart shows up to 120 sprints, lets you choose a pre-defined timeframe or a custom date range, shows avg. velocity of your team, and has a completely new look and feel with some cool features like focus that lets you zoom in on the right sprint. To view the chart, navigate to your desired Scrum board, and go to Reports > Velocity Chart.

最終更新日 2020 年 5 月 12 日


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