Jira ロードマップ マクロ




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次世代 Jira Software Cloud プロジェクトを使用している場合、Jira ロードマップ マクロでプロジェクトのロードマップを Confluence Cloud ページに追加できます。

Add your roadmap to a Confluence Cloud page

There are 3 ways to add your roadmap to a Confluence Cloud page.

Option 1: Paste a URL

  1. Go to your next-gen Jira Software project and view the Roadmap.

  2. Copy the URL from your browser.

  3. Paste that URL directly into your Confluence page.

It will automatically be transformed into a Jira Roadmap macro.

Option 2: Macro shortcut menu

  1. Bring up the macro shortcuts menu with either '/' (in the new Confluence Cloud editor) or '{' (in the classic editor). 
  2. Search for Jira Roadmap.

Option 3: Macro menu

  1. Select the macro menu (+).
  2. Select Jira Roadmap

Configure the Jira Roadmap macro

After you select the macro (or the pencil to edit an existing macro) you'll see the macro browser. Here you can change your Roadmap URL and also switch projects.

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