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2019 年 4 月 9 日

Bitbucket Server 6.2 comes with a wide range of improvements designed to streamline your workflow and minimize errors.

What's new under the hood?

  • Add repository descriptions: Tired of playing repo roulette? Short descriptions can now be added to repos to provide additional context and make them easier to identify. You can add these when creating a repo, or through the repo settings page.

  • See absolute timestamps: For increased precision, you can now choose to view all timestamps in absolute format (e.g.: 7 Apr 2019 2:00PM), instead of relative format (e.g.: 2 days ago). Head to your account settings to make the switch.
  • View SVG source code: To streamline reviewing and working with SVGs, you can now directly see and edit their source code in Bitbucket. This can be done in both diff and source view.

  • Delete confirmation check: To prevent a project or repository from being deleted by accident (don’t worry if you’ve done this, we may have done it ourselves too 😞), there is now an additional check  users first have to enter its name.

  • Customize your support link: You can now set up the ‘Contact Support' link in your instance footer to get your users back up and running faster. Direct them to a custom URL (e.g.: that of your support desk) or to send an email (e.g.: to a system admin). For more info, look for on our config properties page.

  • Support for Git 2.21: Bitbucket Server 6.2 includes support for having Git 2.21 installed on the server.


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Released 9 April 2019  

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