Bamboo Data Center

Data Center is our self-managed edition of Bamboo built for enterprises. It provides the deployment flexibility and administrative control you need to manage mission-critical Bamboo sites.

Data Center のデプロイメント オプション

You can deploy Bamboo Data Center in two ways:

非クラスタ (単一ノード)

Run Bamboo Data Center on a single node, just like a Server installation. This option doesn’t require any changes to your infrastructure, but it does allow you to take advantage of Data Center-only features. Quick and easy. Learn more


Run Bamboo Data Center in a cluster with multiple nodes, and a load balancer to distribute traffic. Clustering is designed for large, or mission-critical, Bamboo instances, allowing you to provide high availability, and maintain performance as you scale. Learn more

最終更新日: 2024 年 2 月 19 日


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