Bamboo 5.0 beta 3 Release Notes


12th June 2013

Our third pre-release of Bamboo 5 is now available. The support for deployment orchestration in the Bamboo 5.x series is our most ambitious endeavor yet. And the feedback we get from you in these next few weeks is absolutely critical in making this the most useful and intuitive Bamboo ever.

Notable changes in beta 3 include:

  • A brand new, fresh icon set designed by Valter Fatia that perfectly complements the Atlassian Design Guidelines.
  • Versions can be created without having to deploy.
  • Directly linking to the deployment result and logs when the deployment has failed to make troubleshooting tasks quicker.
  • New design for the deployment preview.
  • Display order for environments can now be changed in the deployment project configuration.
  • Both issues and commits for a version can be compared against another version to get changes between any two versions.
  • Navigation improvements. It should be no more than two clicks within Deployment projects to get to relevant information or the configuration.

If you notice any more problems or think we have missed anything, please report them via the in app feedback mechanism. 

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This list is by no means a complete list of changes that will be available in 5.0 and the scheduling of some items may change without notice.


Updates and fixes (127 issues)

課題キー 概要 ステータス
BAM-12664 Elastic Bamboo doesn't mount EBS snaphot volumes for Windows AMIs 解決日
BAM-12660 Artifacts are not exported even if "Export Artifacts" is checked while doing Eport or running Scheduled Backups 解決日
BAM-12696 Rerunning plan with merging disabled shows old Branch Integration Details 解決日
BAM-12591 Capability requirement on jobs shoud be set automatically when Nunit runner task is added 解決日
BAM-12543 Manual builds mixed with scheduled/triggered builds can go over build concurrency limit 解決日
BAM-12521 Merging GitHub pull requests create commit messages that don't end with 'new line' 解決日
BAM-12431 Bamboo migration to 4.3.1 doesn't like empty variables 解決日
BAM-12392 Windows process not killed after stop build 解決日
BAM-12355 Documentation update for using Jetty.xml 解決日
BAM-11296 ChangeDetection for Git should be modified to lower the pressure on Bamboo server/VCS servers 解決日
BAM-11342 Javascript error when pressing "Run" in Bamboo plan 解決日
BAM-11359 Upgrade to Amazon Linux 2012.09.1 解決日
BAM-11035 Support environment/deployment management in Bamboo 解決日
BAM-11104 Ability to skip manual stage 解決日
BAM-10573 Pass artifacts between plans 解決日
BAM-10089 Improvements to EBS mounting 解決日
BAM-10481 i18n for Task executables is broken 解決日
BAM-11899 Agent Log message handling improvements 解決日
BAM-11719 Anonymous users can view remote agent details 解決日
BAM-11620 JIRA Bamboo release plugin doesn't start build if plan has no repository 解決日
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