Bamboo 5.0 beta 1 Release Notes


14th May 2013

Our first pre-release build of Bamboo 5 is now available. The support for deployment orchestration in the Bamboo 5.x series is our most ambitious endeavor yet. And the feedback we get from you in these next few weeks is absolutely critical in making this the most useful and intuitive Bamboo ever.

What We Need From You

  1. Download your favorite distribution. Along the way you'll be asked for your email address. This tells us how many people are actually participating vs. how many indicated interest, which helps us plan for future beta programs, and ensures we have an open line of communication with each participant.
  2. Learn about the benefits that Deployment Projects, the foundation of Bamboo 5.0's new deployment capabilities, have to offer your team.
  3. Install Bamboo 5.0 and start exploring! You can set up a test instance and import a copy of your Bamboo data (If you need a new license, you can get a evaluation license from We're especially interested in the setup process, so if you remember to note how that goes for you, we'd love to hear about it.
  4. Look for an initial survey from us about 1-2 days after you download and install. 18 simple questions–should take five minutes or less. 
  5. As you're using the beta, relay your thoughts about things you like or dislike by clicking the "Feedback for Bamboo 5 Beta" button, found at the top of each page. 
  6. Look for a second survey after you've been using the beta for about a week. Once again, shouldn't take too long.

What We'll Provide in Return

  1. Participants who step through both surveys will get an awesome Bamboo t-shirt.
  2. Our product manager and user-experience specialist will follow up personally with as many participants as possible to dig deeper into the aspects of Bamboo 5 that you don't love (yet). 
  3. The development team will prioritize their work between now and release time based on your feedback.
  4. A final release of Bamboo 5.0 tailored for our users, by our users.
  5. Our eternal gratitude n' stuff (smile)

Download the beta


This list is by no means a complete list of changes that will be available in 5.0 and the scheduling of some items may change without notice.


Updates and fixes in Bamboo 4.4.1 (127 issues)

課題キー 概要 ステータス
BAM-7721 Bamboo elastic agent does not detect if EBS volumes do not mount 解決日
BAM-7651 planlog goes to non-existent page when number of lines or update frequency is changed. 解決日
BAM-7075 Stage results list does not like it when you stop a build in the queue / Rest asking for queue duration on non-active job. 解決日
BAM-7070 New wallboard doesn't work for local monitoring of builds anymore 解決日
BAM-7041 REST API call to run build does not return error message 解決日
BAM-6559 Users with Special Characters are not displayes properly on the dashboard 解決日
BAM-6414 Deletion of logged in user causes wierd logged in state. 解決日
BAM-6902 Check if the EBS snapshot exists when the EC2 instance starts 解決日
BAM-6200 Create admin user step loses data after second submit 解決日
BAM-5930 Option to specify ebs volume instead of snapshot - keep volume alive after elastic instance shutdown 解決日
BAM-9261 Make Maven Artifact Sharing non beta 解決日
BAM-10089 Improvements to EBS mounting 解決日
BAM-9611 Allow to rerun successful stages 解決日
BAM-9613 Have stage permissions 解決日
BAM-9535 Create a Bamboo Best Practices document 解決日
BAM-9515 Bamboo should support all AWS regions 解決日
BAM-5527 Remove build-number.txt 解決日
BAM-5314 Server Capabilities Menu Item not highlighted after redirect from builders or jdks page 解決日
BAM-5660 Bamboo instances using Crowd tell you your user is unknown when you use the 'forgot password' link 解決日
BAM-5672 all builds rss feed head line has borked author link. 解決日
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